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Visa Debit Card / No Activation Code and can't use

Cordele, GA, United States Review updated:
I received a Visa debit card purchased at Wal-Mart in Cordele for Christmas. No one told us the Activation Code was on the bottom of the receipt and the receipt was thrown away by the person who purchased it, no one keeps receipts for items such as this as there would be no need for exchange. I have called the store and they tell me I have to either have the receipt or remember exactly the date, time, and which register I used to purchase this card. Who can remember that when you shop a Wal-Mart a dozen times in a month, especially at Christmas. The card was for $50 but they also gave someone else one of these cards for $50. Are we just out this money?


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  27th of Dec, 2008
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This is very misleading when the salesperson doesn't tell you that the activation code is on the receipt.
  27th of Dec, 2008
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This sucks.
  8th of Dec, 2009
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Visa Debit Card - unkown drafting fees
1223ne1rst ave
United States
Phone: 7862261869

I was charged 60 dollars for something I wasn't aware of and I am still being penalized for a negative 7 dollars, which includes lates fees from my next check to come because of an over drafting fee. I alerted customer service, my district manager about my situation and i was told to give it 3 days to see if my money will return. I actually gave it a week because I had this problem before and still have a negative 7 dollars fee. I need to resolve this problem asap so I am asking you to help.
  30th of Jun, 2010
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The company that I work for now issues its employees preloaded debit cards for bonus funds that are due to us. The activation code is the last four digits of your Phone number. The problem is I've had several phone numbers in the past two years and I don't have a clue which one to use, nor can I remember all the phone numbers that I have had. I was told to use my home phone number because apparenty the card has to be activated by a home phone but, heres the "kicker": I dont have a home phone. W.T.F. am I supposed to do about my money. PS. The letter that was sent with the card gives a web address as well a phone number as means to activate the card. I could only use the phone number at first to try and activate the card because it took me three days and a host of serch engines to find the web site. the only one I could find it on was google.
  29th of Jan, 2013
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Visa Debit Card - why wont it be accepted in china online

i seem to have a problem getting my funds cleared with chinese suppliers on line this has only happened this year 2013 last year 2012 no problems, I have used my spanish debit card no problems, But i want to use my barclays debit card and cannot what a shower of tossers they cannot sort the problem (get the usual its not our problem)
  16th of Mar, 2013
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I had been used my KVB VISA DEBIT Card and swiped Rs. 25000 in M/s. Kalyan Jewellers, Vellore, T.N. on 25.02.2013 Immediately Rs. 25000 were debited from my card and i got confirmation SMS. But The Kalyan Jewellers (Merchandise) told me Rs. 25000 didn't credit in their (HDFC) bank account. Already i had been registered complaint with KVB Bank but still amount didn;t credit in my account. Kindly rectify the errors during this transactions and re-credit the same to my account asap.

Vellore, T.N. INDIA.
Cell: 0 9443599767
  23rd of Oct, 2013
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The AccountNow corporation is juggling my direct deposit funds between two accounts. I only have one Visa Debit Card but there is another card listed on my Bill Pay page. this results in an excess of fees charged to my account.
  14th of Nov, 2013
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Dera sir
good evening
Irequst only my debit card very old
this debit card yue time much problem
so i reqest my debit card new arrange

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