Virgin Wireless / Horrible Customer Service

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I am a new customer of Virgin. I bought the LG Optimus ($200.00) and plan-$40.00 month for 1200 minutes. Had to replace the phone 3 times in 2 weeks.(overheated phone, no internet) Customer service is not for customer complaints and problems. They told me to take the battery out, which didn’t help at all) Best Buy(where I got the phone and plan) was and is great at trying to help me. They even contacted Virgin for me. I called Virgin and could NOT understand much of what the girl said (all calls are apparently answered in the Phillipines and of the 8 I called only 2 spoke English partly understandable. When I ask to speak to the United States, they hung up on me.

So much trouble and then promised 1200 bonus minutes for my trouble. Best Buy called them as I didn’t see the minutes on the online site. She was told they would give me 1200 bonus minutes (I paid for my 1200 monthly minutes) and the bonus would carry over. NOT TRUE.. They started deducting from my bonus, not the 1200 I paid for, So, I really got nothing. When I called, I was told I was to use the 2400 minutes that month, no carry over. I went to Best and they called. The girl from Virgin said I got 500 bonus minutes and they take from the bonus first. I had already used 778 of my (bonus) so that was entirely wrong, they they hung up on us. Total 3 times in 2 months I got hung up on.

Paul (Teir 3) called and said there was nothing to be done (even though I had been told the bonus 1200 minutes would carry over and were to be used AFTER my paid 1200) They lied and deceived me about the bonus minutes that were suppose to make up for ALL MY TROUBLE with VIRGIN. It only made things worse. I spent many hours and travel miles to Best, and they spent at least 1 1/2 hours trying to help. NOW, I have not used 1116 minutes I paid for and its almost time to TOP UP again. When I ask the guy from Virgin for a corporate number, I was told it was a “GUARDED SECRET” his words. Why are they so afraid to list a phone number?

Tells me they are afraid of complaints and the net is full of them. Yet you can find on the internet that the CEO (not sure which) is worth 2.5 Million. Cheap Phillipino service workers and NO customer service. Unprofessional and only out to make a buck from idiots like me. I will drop the Virgin service and get Net 10. Virgin, get leadership that cares as there is no way you don’t know about the horrible service!


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