Virgin records / Swedish House Mafia -greyhound video!

1 Belfast City, Northern Ireland, County Antrim, United Kingdom

I am an animal lover and greyhounds are my weak point they are so affectionate and people dont understand the outcome of the greyhound racing industry! i have seen many horrors of it as i volunteer at an animal sanctuary and swedish house mafia are promoting the greyhound racing industry by this video! in the video a mechanical greyhound falls but thats all it really can show on tv but people then will think its nothing but fun but in reality the dogs are often killed if they fall or loose a race. please help me boycott this video to stop the greyhound racing promotion by this video. im sorry this maybe isn't what everyone believes but hey greyhounds are live mammals like us but they cannot talk so someone has to do it for them if not the blood of all the millions of greyhounds that have been killed due to racing will lie in the hands of the people who will scroll past this and not even think about the dogs lives this cruel sport is affecting please!!! help us!!!

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