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Virgin Mobile / nothing but tell lies and misrepresent how their service works

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In July 2006 we purchased a Nokia Shorty phone from Virgin Mobile. After talking several times to customer service, we determined this was the less expensive than purchasing a phone from Radio Shack. Red flags should have gone up then because the customer service reps argued with me about what the web page said, when I was reading it directly to them. They would tell me “No, it doesn’t say that.We were told the phone was free (a refund would be issued for the purchase price—in reality they added dollars to the Virgin account not a refund to my credit card). After using the phone for the 1 month we needed it, Virgin charged my credit card $51.73. When I called 9/14/06 to find out why, Guy told me it was a mistake and he would issue a refund to my credit card. I called 9/24/06 and spoke with David since the refund had not appeared. In addition to his rude attitude he said there were no notes in my file from Guy and that they would never refund the monthly charge—pretty much he called me a liar. Guy also had told me we had 328 minutes remaining so I figured ok, I’ve paid for them so we might as well use them. Then they hit my credit card again the next month. That’s when I said delete my card number, you do not have the authority to charge anything to my account.

We were told when the phone was purchased that you could top up for $20 at a time—so I did that. The phone shows a balance of $23.41 but will not make calls. This time the customer service rep said you can’t just top up you have to purchase a monthly plan and then if you need extra minutes you can top up.

This company has done nothing but tell lies and misrepresent how their service works. I will make sure that anyone I see in a store looking at a Virgin Mobile phone gets an earful about how customer unfriendly this company is. I suppose this is one to file under “lesson learned”.


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  • Va
      1st of Feb, 2007
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    I ordered a VOX 8610 on 1/22/2007. The phone wouldn't charge. I called customer service and explained the problem. They said "do I want a charger or another phone".

    I replied that I could not tell if it was the charger or the phone that was at fault so please send a new kit. None the less, they sent a phone but not a charger and it also wouldn't charge. I called customer service and explained the issue and that it must be the charger at fault. The rep said they would not send a new charger, that I would have to purchase one.

    I said this didn't make any sense, according to the offer I could return the phone for a full refund and does he mean that to get a new phone and charger I need to return both the phones for a refund and then order another one to get a charger? The support rep said yes and that I had to make up my mind - either return the phone or purchase a charger. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The customer support rep kept going off line (to talk to someone?) but refused or couldn't get a supervisor to talk to me. She then asked for the ESN number of the phone. When I said I didn't know what an 'ESN' number was, she indignantly explained that it was like a serial number on the back of the phone. I'm not clear why she needed this, since I haven't activated the phone and I already referenced the order (vmu) number. At any rate I had been on the phone now for over 40 min with the support rep (obviously not very cost effective for virgin mobile) and at least she was trying to track down some info - or so I thought - she finally came back on line and said that her computer was down (!) and she couldn't handle my order - that I would have to call back. I called back, had to work my way thru the answering system and got thru to "RMA" and a fellow named Mike.

    Mike explained that they couldn't send a charger (none in stock) and that I would have to send the entire phone back - which is what I am now doing - 60+ minutes after the initial call.

    I have to say that my interactions with Virgin Mobile so far has not been positive. They customer service staff is obviously poorly trained and not empowered to make decisions. The phone support interfaces are youth geared - not a bad thing except when it is at the expense of treating adults courteously and professionally. I am sending the phone back for a refund and re-considering the provider for pay-as-you-go service.

  • Ja
      30th of Jul, 2016
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    I've been a customer for years with Virgin Mobile and for the most part they've been good. However, I recently had a data usage issue where after having and using data for years and tracking my average data usage month as 2.5 gigs, suddenly in a two day period I used 6 gb of data and was charged over $50.

    I called in to get answers as to why this would be. I was on hold for most of the morning. The phone finally rang through and it went to a busy signal and I was disconnected. I called back two more times and waited on hold before I finally reached an uncaring (in my opinion) rep.

    His name is Sean (employee number 6052789) who simply said I'm only charged for what I use. I informed him of this unusual spike in my data and told hime that I've been a loyal customer for years and he just refused to see that perhaps Virgin could have made a mistake. Give me a break. He just kept saying that's what I used.

    He said there is nothing he is willing to do because I was charged correctly. How does he know? I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said he is one. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said his supervisor doesn't handle calls. I asked who I can talk to above him and he gave me this email

    I will buy out my contract this week and it is not my intention to cause harm, slander or misrepresent this company in any way but I will share my experience with everyone I know and care about to avoid this company because I feel they have glitches with their data usage tracking and are unwilling to give loyal customers the benefit of the doubt. I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

    After being with them faithfully for years, when a problem comes up it is clear that they do not know how to handle a problem when an issue comes up to the customer's satisfaction. I couldn't believe he wasn't even willing to be open to consider the possibility that there could be an error in relation to my data calculation and usage.

    Sir Richard Branson, founder, would be horrified that reps within his company are not even open to the possibility that something on their end could be malfunctioning. Total failure of excelling in service here.

    If anyone can recommend a data and cell provider in Alberta that is dependable with data tracking and willing to look at possibilities if something goes wrong, please let me know.

  • Na
      12th of Dec, 2018
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    Virgin Mobile - Home Internet - DONT USE Pre-Authorized payment!!!!! (overcharge)

    I signed up for pre-authorized payment for my Virgin home internet service. But I found out they double charged me this month. The numbers on the Virgin bill and the numbers they took out from the bank was not the same. So be careful people, don't ever use the Pre-Authorized payment. You don't know how much they will charge you.

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