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Virgin Mobile / simply the worst!

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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Phone = Terrible Customer Service + Credit Card Fraud + Identity Theft???

1. They are very difficult to reach. Then keep you on hold forever.

2. As just about everyone else said, the reps are shockingly rude.

3. They have loud, terrible hold music, then terrible background noise while you are talking - worse than the most awful telemarketers - and won't call you back for better reception.

4. They take way too long to get back to you if you email customer service.

5. They give you a password, then a secret question answer that are ridiculous unless you are a teenager (favorite actor/singer/team) or one that is not secure enough (pet name).

6. They don't send your pass code to you in an email like everyone else does.

7. When I tried to put it in - five times - it kept getting rejected, so I called the terrible customer service line, they were again rude, and refused to give me any info, making it virtually impossible to access my own account. I pointed out that they had my name, address AND credit card info, so I had a right to my billing info to check against credit card, but they still refused to even mail it to me. They said something about 'security'...

8. Security??? their system is so technologically insecure I was either hit up with a phishing thing both on the phone and in email within 6 wks or their billing and account software systems are so bad that they completely lose track of your credits.

9. SCARY PART: I got an official-looking alert on the top screen of phone and an email both saying I was completely out of minutes, had to top up. By my own accounting I had used only 50%, but I went online and topped off with a credit card. Phone works again. But because of all the password nonsense, I couldn't check my account for a week. When I did I noticed the account was never credited after I gave the credit Card info. THIS MEANS THAT I MAY HAVE BECOME VICTIM OF A VIRGIN MOBILE PHISHING SCAM, both by PHONE and by email. And they are worried about idiotic password security??? They won't even confirm info so that you could see if you've been a victim of identity theft!

10. I contacted Virgin Mobile... Still waiting on a response. I imagine they will shed no light on this whatsoever. And be rude - again.

11. Although my bank doesn't show unusual activity, to be safe I have to cancel the card - which means spending an entire day changing all the utilities and other bills that draft from that card. ALL BECAUSE OF VIRGIN MOBILE's sloppy, rude services.

12. They only allow access to your account info for 60 days - if you aren't smart enough to cut and paste all the info (very time consuming since they only post 10 items per web page), then you will have even more trouble unraveling the mess THEY created!

13. ON top of all that, reception was incredibly bad. I spent $20 phone + $20 first top-up card, then days of time dealing with credit card issues related to their sloppy security and accounting practices. If someone already stole my identity I could be in legal, criminal and other trouble. You get what you pay for!!!

Thank god I did not get stuck with any kind of long - term commitment. It was "Pay as you Go" - and believe me, I'm GOING - to some other carrier.

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  • Pr
      27th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Don't hold your breath trying to get a refund on a phone returned within their 30-day guarantee policy. They are quick to take your money, but... Better Business Bureau denotes "unsatisfactory" rating (not a member either), whereas Trac Fone is a member and a "satisfactory" rating. I totally agree with everything this consumer has stated !!

  • Li
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    I got a Virgin Mobile phone as a gift along with a $20 top up card, which bought me 200 minutes. Everything seemed fine until I decided to go ahead and buy a monthly plan of 200 minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes for 24.99, plus $5 for 1000 text messages. I already had 200 minutes, but when i bought the monthly plan, i lost those 200 minutes and was charged a total of 62.68 for a 24.99 plan and 5.00 text messaging. I understand there are "surcharges and taxes", but 62.68 just seemed like A LOT. So after calling customer service and having to listen to the automated "Simone" , a real live rep. told me i lost my 200 minutes i got with the top up card because I changed my plan before the 30 day cycle, plus I was charged a fee because i changed my plan before the 30 days was over. This is ridiculous. If you buy minutes you should be able to keep them regardless of changing your plan. Being charged because you want to buy a monthly plan before your 30 days is up, is stupid. The fact that none of this information is available through the website is unfair to its consumers. They lead you on, and it is just dishonest. Plan and simple, Virgin Mobile blows and you do to if you continue using their crappy service.

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