Virgil L.Egli / This is a terrible landlord

1 200 W. 34th Street, Kansas City, MO, United States

You DO NOT want to deal with this landlord. He will scream and shout at your guests and even those helping you move in. He did my crew. Don't expect much privacy as he thinks that since he owns the building, he can go in anytime he pleases. If you go in on a voucher, he's mad because you don't measure up economically eventhough he has all the Shelter Care Plus (a HUD program for those who can't fit in regular Section 8 due to mental illness) properties in Midtown (Kansas City). He will even complain about your furnishings being junk. If you're a Christian be sure not to tell him, as he will even challenge your faith as he did me. He also sues his tennants regularly as he tires of them. Go to "" Type "Egli" as a last name and see for yourself. And when you do get evicted, all of your belongings as self-proclaimed by him as "public property". He will give it away his self to everyone but you, the person who worked hard for it. he does maintain his buildings nicely, but the constant harrassment is not worth it. Word to the wise, AVOID RENTING FROM HIM. His properties in Kansas City, Missouri are located at 39th & Baltimore (Northeast corner abating a parking lot & 200 W. 34th.

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