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VIR Camp Motor Sports / Bad service

1 1245 Pine Tree RoadAlton, VA, United States
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Although the camp is some what new, I attended the adult / child week end program.

What I and other parents found it is not what it claims to be.

The Mini cups cars experience was only once.

the car seats are rather small built mainly for a child, none of the adults(some of them way below the height restriction) could fit in the seat, and had diffuclty breathing.

we did do two sessions with the off road go carts, but the web sites play more on the Mini cup cars.

the second session the driving instructors were distracted and kept leaving, finaly the parents took over straping the kids in so we could get the most out of the 1.30 hour session.

If it wasn't for the fact that the adults had difficulty fitting in the seats, they would have had only one ride in the MINI cups cars.

They had a few planed events -non-driving, but it hardly seemed planned.

My son being under 14 ejoyed it the other boys being 12 an older where less than happy.

we spent 3 hours on a planned event, 1 and a half hours was just sitting in the club house while the kids played video games... the remote control slots are rather beat up and were not working. We should of spent the time in the MINI cups which is why most people attended.

there is a some what of a high tech porta potty out side the dorm (which is a garge with carpeting and bunks wall to wall). the main bath with showers is about 100 yards away.

All in all my son enjoyed it, but was asking when we can ride the cup cars again.

We voiced our disapointment in the way of suggestion.

the web site is rather misleading.

The mini cup car seats need to be wider,

(watch your childs height only one mini cup car was designed for children under 58" tall), pillows were used to help them reach the steering wheel and peddles and they just reached them.

The food servered was very good, if you child is a picky eater then u have some pre-planing to do.

Value wise, None of the parents felt it was what the web site claim it to be.

I would not recommend it unless the changes the program as we suggested.

They need to focus on the driving of the Mini cup cars.

Be aware if VIR is having an event, it takes priority over the camp, some some areas may be restricted(limiting or even canceling the cup car experience.

We were lucky...


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