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I travel ALOT, and I go to ALOT of travel presentation and time share presentations; many times receiving a "free" gift to go or do or receive something, in most cases these do prove to be bogus, but sometimes you do luck out and get something worth while.

I called to speak to the reservation agents supervisor that I was working with at VIP Travel to tell her what an assett to the company the young lady was. Her response to me was that people usually only take the time to comment if their upset, so if I wouldn't mind, to please post it online, I asked her how I do such a thing, and here I am...

VIP travel booked me air fare for 2 and was able to coordinate my car rental at the same time, all costing me only $262 total for all of it. Now thanks to them I will get to see my father turn 101 years old on October 7th and be ther to throw him a party on the 10th.

I am beside myself that VIP actually came through, and can't express how thankful I am for them. Like I said before I travel ALOT, but it's always either for work, or for short periods of time because I pay so much for the dang trip I can't afford to take more than 2 or 3 days off

Thank you so much VIP Travel, I appriciate all your efforts!

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  • Ja
      Aug 25, 2009

    I had a good experience with VIP travel reservations as well! I've tried many of these things in the past as well, unfortunatly for me they usually turn out to be bogus. I was really skeptical about this one, but it turned out to be a truly great offer. Wanted to take the time to thank VIP and all the lovly people working over there!

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  • Ic
      Aug 27, 2009

    That's such a special experience, I'm glad VIP could come through for you, and congradulations to your fathers good fortune! Happy Birthday to him and to many more! I wish I could say I used my travel certificates for such a noble cause, but I went to see my sister in Florida before she went back to college... we partied a little, okay maybe a lot, too much for 4 days and then I came back, all on VIP... still got a hotel cert with them to use, think I'll use it before I go back to work... I need a Vacation from my vacation! lol too bad I have to have 45 days... Regardless, thank you VIP, I had a blast and it's all thanks to you!

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  • Jt
      Sep 24, 2009

    I agree with all of you, I didn't really have anywhere to go persay, so I just kind of eeny meeny miney moed it and vIP came through. Totally happy with all they did for me, and ended up with a not so relaxing vacation in Vegas, that I needed a vacation from when I got back. Thanks VIP

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  • Ll
      Oct 20, 2009

    My experience with VIP was worth while, and I would definitly use them again if given the opportunity. Thank you VIP

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  • Ja
      Nov 03, 2009

    I just got my confirmations in the mail for travel, I'm flying to Minneapolis and also using my rental car there, for 6 days! I'm super excited, and sooooo glad VIP came through!

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  • Gy
      Nov 18, 2009

    The presentation I went to for a time share didn't seem all bad, just doesn't really fit our like right now. But mainly, I was also very happy with my experience from VIP travel! I've been in the service industry for over 20 years and these people get a bad rap cause I'm sure they can't please everyone. But they have a hard job, and seem to me are very good at what they do! I hope to use them again in the near future, economy permitting! Thank you VIP

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  • Be
      Nov 24, 2009


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  • Ch
      Dec 23, 2009

    Me too! Happy Holidays! I'm not the most experienced of travelers, but I had a certificate with VIP, but my presentation was with a company up here. I had the certificate for 2 airline tickets, which I used to go to Salt Lake City at the beginning of the month, and I got a 7 day car rental which I used last month in Florida. The people at VIP were very helpful and efficient and I will be using them again in the future. Both of my certificates did say that they had to be sent certified mail though, which I did with my deposits, and then just had to send in the dates I wanted, it worked great for me.

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  • Ki
      Jan 21, 2010

    Mr. and Mrs. Romano, you were a pleasure to work with and thank you so much for the kind words from you as well as everyone commenting here, they are greatly appreciated. Let us know if there is anything else we can do with.

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  • Lo
      Dec 21, 2010

    My certificate was for the 2 airline tickets. We got back from our trip last night. My only complaint is that the notice they gave me of my trip being available was inside a month from the dates we wanted. But who am I to complain, they came through even if I was getting a little nervous! They also booked a car for me while I was there and a hotel stay for the three nights I couldn't stay with my sister, both at a reasonable rate. I will use VIP again in the future.

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  • Bl
      Jan 11, 2011

    I agree, I had the two airline tickets, I didn't get the car rental the company offered because I guess that was only if you responded in a specified amount of time. oh well, I sent my stuff in, (yes it was by certified mail) they sent me 3 green sheets, one was the travel request form, I filled it out and sent it back. It asked for two dates and destinations, but I really only wanted one but i called and they said this was okay but it would be based on availability. Alexia called me yesterday and offered it to me, it cost me $166 and I got exactly what we needed. I called today just to be sure and it is all booked. Just waiting on my confirmation and the $75 gift card that came with it now.

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  • Ty
      Jan 20, 2011

    I worked with Donna and spoke to several people in the office, they all seemed very helpful. I had a certificate for a 3, 4, or 5 night cruise during low season. We ended up not being able to use it because my wife had to have surgery. But the reservation process seemed fairly cut and dry. All is good, I just hope we get to utilize the certificate next time if given the chance! Thank you for the opportunity VIP!

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  • Wi
      Jan 25, 2011

    Seems I had the same think as M Ramano except I didn't choose to use my certificate together, although they did make it clear I had that option if it was available. I had one for a car for 7 days and one for air line tickets for 2 adults. I've used the car last month and my air is officially booked for March. I'm pretty happy with all of it, all I can say, is ya, follow the rules, they can be kinda hard to get a hold of, and you'll get further if ya just call back rather then leave a message. Those are my tips to anyone having trouble cause both my certificates did work out for me.

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  • Ck
      Jan 27, 2011

    I completely agree with all of you so far, I had 2 certificates 1 for air line tickets and the other for a 7 day cruise. I opted to use them separately. My tickets are booked for the end of March to Indianapolis and cost me all taxes and fees right at 1/3 of what I'm used to. My cruise I requested for September out of my local port, Port Canaveral. I'm a local and got my certificate from PDI and so far most everything has seemed very reasonable and has worked good.

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