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After picking up my belongings, VIP Relocation called to tell me they had weighed my stuff and it weighed 1680 (180 lbs over the estimate which was 1500 lbs). It seemed reasonable to me that you could be over by that amount. So I didn't contest.

Then a week later they call me and tell me that they have reweighed the truck, and it actually weighed 2640 lbs!!! Which tacked on close to a $1000 to the total bill! I asked for a reasonable explanation for why there was a 1000 lbs. difference in the weights and they were unable to give me one.

When they showed up to deliver my stuff, I paid them 110% of the original estimate. According to federal law, they must relinquish my belongings after paying 110% of the original non-binding estimate. Then I am supposed to have 30 days to build my case against them, or pay them if I find that the charges are lawful.

I was told that unless I paid in full, I would not be receiving my belongings. So I called the police and told them there was a crime in progress. Well, the DC Police said they would love to help me but that this was a civil case. Plus, since it was a federal law protecting me I needed to call the FBI. Who I actually did call, but they also said that this wasn't their jurisdiction.

When I realized there was a law protecting me against fraudulent moving companies, I felt relieved. Only to find out that there is no one enforcing the law I thought was protecting me!?

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  • Rj
      Jul 10, 2011


    VIP Relocation is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of doing business with. From the beginning, their customer service folks, Dean and Dan were painful, rude, and unreasonable to do business with.

    1. The movers left 3 boxes in the parking lot of my apartment complex. The only reason i found out was because building security opened one box and somehow found a paper with my name and phone number on it. When I called VIP, they were unapologetic and rude. They obviously don't use their inventory sheet at the warehouse to ensure that they have everything. In fact, Dean wanted to know what my problem was for being upset since everything "worked out" and they had all my items. But this was pure luck on their part and had nothing to do with VIP. They could care less that they almost lost 3 boxes. 

    2. When the movers came to pick up my things, they tried to charge me additional elevator fees, 75 feet+ from the door fees because my 1br move took longer than they anticipated. I explained the layout of my apt complex beforehand, the fact that I had an elevator, and was on the second floor. They will try to charge YOU any little fee for their failure to adequately schedule pick ups.

    3. The 3 boxes I mentioned earlier were not included used with my shipment as originally promised. They arrived 1month later.

    4.VIP lost, stole, or broke a $200 headboard mirror. Either way, it wasn't delivered to me. When i called VIP to tell them of the missing item, Dean met with me an "ok?" and nothing more. He then told me their warehouse will look for it. Waiting for any response or acknowledgement becomes more costly than just letting go of the lost mirror and they know this. If they lose something, they will hang up on you, accuse you of overreacting, blame you, and not care. 

    5. 1 box of clothes was missing from my shipment. Given all of the issues i had with VIP from the very beginning, the missing box wasn't worth fighting with VIP over any longer. I just wanted to be done with them.

    At every stage in the process there were problems with VIP. If you choose to go with them, and you notice that they try to tack you with unreasonable fees at pick up because they failed to properly schedule their pick ups, do yourself a favor and cancel your order right then and there. It's what I should have done. If not, then you're in for a miserable experience.

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