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Joe Biden's VAWA Law Is Just A Mechanism Of Social Control

Just like every other federal law that makes one class of people superior than another class of people because they have "special protected status, " Joe Biden's VAWA law allows con-artist, lesbian, feminazi, organized crime, terrorist criminal females to rob innocent men blind of their homes, money, wealth, hard work, children, and very freedom, based merely upon a comment or statement to a cop.

There does not have to be any evidence.

And if there is no evidence, these women are allowed to go back with police assistance, and tape record or video record "setting up" that man.

This country is so ruined because now certain elements of our society have stronger and better rights than others, and these laws are used UNFAIRLY all the time by powerful and rich elements to entrap or get rid of less powerful elements of society using female spies, agents, or honey pots.

Joe Biden is nothing but Joseph Stalin and his Secret Police Chief Lavrenty Beria, in an American suit.

Sep 10, 2014

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