Vintage Garage Door, LLC / Poor quality, workmanship, customer service

1 5943 45th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 206-935-8979

Vintage Garage Door, LLC (#VINTAGD931CK) charged a $45 late fee for a $831 final payment that was only five days late! They refused to deliver the garage door and hardware unless I paid the late fee. It was my understanding that a company can only charge 1.5% if the payment is more than 30 days late. That is what the original contract says. Then, three weeks later when they finally delivered the door and hardware, the door was not made according to the contract; and the incorrect door tracks, torsion springs, and weather strip were delivered. The door tracks look used and look like they have been sitting outside for years. Also, they did not deliver the punch angle and bottom astragal for the track and door. I would like the late fee refunded, and the correct parts delivered. They have not returned any of my phone or email messages regarding this complaint.


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