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Vinotemp wine cooler / Poor customer service

1 San Francisco, CA, United States

Vinotemp's customer service is absolutely terrible! I would not recommend purchasing from them directly.

I ordered a brand new wine cooler ($1800) on 12/1/08 to avoid the hassles that might come from a used/refurbished unit. What a disaster.

1. It was damaged on arrival. Upon close inspection it was clear the damage was done during storage and/or prepping for an order. So, I was knowingly sent a damaged unit: there was a puncture that was patched; scratches in the stainless steel finish with obvious, unsuccessful attempts to buff them out; mildew spots and rust on the inside.

2. I had to wait 3 weeks for a refund of a damaged unit they sent me; it was their fault. As soon as I noticed the damage, upon delivery, I photographed the unit, emailed and receive authorization for it to be returned. Fine. After scheduling the return pick-up, I had to take another half-day off from work to meet the shippers, which I helped to lift the cooler into their truck. Vinotemp would not refund me until they received their unit, and that it would a week following that. So, I had to pay in advance and wait over a week to get the product (delivered late) and then wait 2 weeks (after 1 week was promised) to get my refund after they had their product. Ridiculous.

3. Vinotemp overcharged me. I tried negotiating with them to keep the DAMAGED unit I had because of the hassle to return it and they only offered a measly $200 discount AFTER several emails. While negotiating and asking for a credit I discovered they overcharged me by $200 or their price for the unit was not marked properly. Poor attention to detail by the salesperson, and me.

4. Vinotemp is not generous or compassionate. The sales woman that handled my order didn't care about my inconvenience in any regard. Short, impersonal emails and phone calls along with misinformation trail the initial sale to refund date. I was told that I would be credited on 1/12, a week later than originally stated, and it wasn't processed until yesterday, 1/20! Now I still have to wait 3-5 days for it to process through my bank ...

Almost 2 months to buy and receive a refund for an overpriced, knowingly damaged cooler, that is discontinued.

What a bunch of unprofessional losers!

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