Vinings of Delray BeachInsect treatment

Lawns in this community used to be treated several times per year for insects and fleas, with small signs left on the lawns to indicate they have been treated. Lawns are no longer treated. Flea infestation has been the result. I pay a very high premium rent, plus a pet fee, and I can't even step outside on the lawn with my dog without having him covered with fleas. Also, this is while using Advantage, the most expensive and effective topical flea treatment there is. But nothing will work unless the lawns are treated regularly.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Delray Beach, FL

I contacted property management about the problem several time, via phone and email, and received NO reply. When I finally got Monique at the office on the phone, seh was very unresponsive, and later that day, I was informed that they would try to get the lawns treated 'within the next few weeks.' They actually said 'the next few weeks'!!! This is an emergency situation, where I can not live here with my dog, and that is the best they can do? They should have had a lawn treatment crew out here within a few days!

Jan 15, 2015

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