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Village Veterinary Office / Poor health care!

1 Warrenton, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 540-347-6460

This is long... Pancakes (my puppy) was brought in on Wednesday because it was discovered that she had worms. They gave her a shot of penicillin in her upper back, some de-worming pills to take home, and gave her some fluids as she was not eating or drinking much starting Monday. She had a fever of 103 on Wednesday. She did not eat or drink even after that visit. Friday we took her back in for another visit. They took x-rays to see if she had an object suck in her intestines or possibly an infection in her uterus that was causing her fever. Nothing was found. The swelling on her back from the shot that Dr. Cliver gave her Wednesday was still there. When asked about it, the doctor couldn’t recall if it was the shot that she gave her or if that was where the fluids were injected by Dr. Nolan, she also could not understand why the swelling hadn’t gone down, but did not look into it further. By Friday her fever had been jumping between 103 and 104. She had also lost a lot of weight and by Friday was only 25 pounds and you could see her ribs clearly! The doctor also took some blood to see what the white blood cell count was to see if she did in fact have an infection. Well Dr. Cliver called me on Saturday afternoon. Pancakes did in fact have an extremely high white blood cell count, somewhere in 30,000 range. However, Dr. Cliver still didn’t know what was causing the infection. On Saturday she had developed a large swelling on her jaw. On Sunday she developed a swelling on her stomach, she had 2 large swellings by her vagina area plus her skin around it was sagging. So she had that plus the swelling on her back, the swelling on her jaw, her fever was now at 105, she still was not eating, and the only “explanation” given by the doctor was that she couldn’t figure it out. Wednesday we brought her back in because Dr. Cliver wanted to do x-rays on her jaw. She got one x-ray which showed nothing. Pancakes was there all day and they didn’t do anything other than give her more fluids. They still had no explanation. Wednesday afternoon I was referred to Dr. Lonam of the by a coworker. I immediately made an appointment to see him and Dr. Kim the very next day. I called Dr. Cliver and told her I was seeking a second opinion and asked that they get all of Pancakes paperwork together. When Pancakes was picked up Wednesday afternoon, we were told that they could do nothing more for her and we should seek help elsewhere…AFTER I already told them we were doing just that. They waited a week, putting my dog through misery, causing pain and suffering to the dog and her owners, to tell us to seek help elsewhere. Dr. Lonam saw her on Thursday, February 21. He drained the swelling in her back that had been there for a week and half, and kept a tube in the area to continue any draining of the area until he saw her again Saturday. Since seeing Dr. Lonam, Pancakes fever has completely disappeared, she is eating and drinking, all of her swellings have gone away. Dr. Lonam said (Monday, Feb 25) that the infections on her jaw and her stomach have most likely been caused by the infection on her back due to the injection she received that was never looked at or thought about again.

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