Village Square ApartmentsUninformed information

I was talking with this apartment place in January of 2015. Kept in contact with the apartment place because I wanted to rent this place. She said it would be $140.00 to move in. During the conversation many questions were going back and forth and none was said about making 2-3 times the rent. At the day I want to move in the manager says you have to make 2-3 times the rent. I already said I don't have good credit and the leading office said don't worry we'll make it work. So having the impression of moving in. On the day I'm ready to move in the leasing manager says well you have to make 2-3 times the rent. She asked about how much money I get over the phone and the leasing manager says sorry you have to make 2-3 times the rent. Now I'm financially hurting frustrated angry and all the above. Not at all happy with this business conduct.

Feb 04, 2015

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