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Villa del Palmar Flamingos Timeshare / Fraudulent, deceptive sell practice

1 Mexico Review updated:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a family living in Orange County, California, USA. We recently had a vacation to Puerto Vallarta Mexico on August 26th, 2008. We became a victim of timeshare fraud and ask you to please help us get our full refund deposit of 3, 075.00 USD and cancel our membership.

This is a summary of what happened. We will send with this letter a detailed timeshare cancellation request we sent to the timeshare company.

We booked a vacation package with On August 26th, 2008 we landed at Puerto Vallarta Airport and were greeted by a group of people called themselves With so many lies and deception, fraudulent and misleading information, they took us to “the presentation” and pressured us to sign a timeshare contract. We called, emailed to rescind our contract on September 1st, 2008 when we were still within five days cancellation period as allowed by Mexican law. We had to call back and forth between the resort and the San Diego office up until September 7, 2008 at 8:45am when the resort personnel named Ivon Zuno finally contacted us and stated that they cannot cancel our membership since it passed the five- day cooling period and offered us to buy another timeshare which they called a down grade package from what we signed up for.
We wanted to cancel the timeshare membership and get full refund of the deposit. However, they again used tricks and lies to refuse to do so.

Please help us.
The timeshare company is: Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta
Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio
KM 3 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco MX 48300
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

The resort Villa del Palmar Flamingos is where we have the timeshare with has the same address. Tel: [protected], Fax: [protected]
Their San Diego office: Universal Vacation Club
404 Camino del Rio South, 4th Floor
San Diego, CA. 92108
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

Cancellation Request to Timeshare:
We are hereby requesting cancellation of our timeshare membership at Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Nuevo Vallarta since it was based on illegal sales practices and fraudulent, misleading information. This is the follow up from the previous request for cancellation sent via e-mail on September 1st 2008 to sale representative and assistant manager Ron Naylor.

We came to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a vacation on August 26, 2008. When we just came out of the baggage claiming area to find our transportation service (E-Mark) that we also booked via Travel Service, we were stopped by a group of well-dressed people behind one of the counter who called themselves Expedia Representatives. One young lady came out and said that the ride was coming and in the meantime wanted to invite us to a presentation. We told her that we were not interested in timeshare. She repeatedly reassured us that it was just a 75-minute presentation at a newly built hotel resort and that there was nothing to sell there. She added that they only asked us to “share the opinion about the resort to make their service better.” In return we would receive discount on tickets to Pirate Show and a free Tropical Tour for the whole family. She asked us 100 USD deposit for the Pirate Show so she could reserve seats for us.

The next day we came to the resort (Villa del Palmar Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta). First thing they asked was our credit cards. We immediately became alert and wanted to go home. However a lady called herself Member service supervisor came and she reassured us that she just wanted to know which credit card company (not the card number) so she could get the reimbursement because the presentation was “sponsored by credit card companies” as she stated. We believed her and came back in. There was another lady took us to a breakfast then came back to the room. We were showed on a computer a 5 minutes presentation about the resort. Then she took us to a table and a sale person named Ron Naylor came. I told him that I did not want to buy timeshare. He, like the young lady at the airport, told me that it was not timeshare. According to him, it was actually a very good financial investment and we could write off tax on it.

We still can’t understand why a professional sales and marketing organization would jeopardize their reputation by purposefully trying to deceive potential clients as we feel we have been deceived. By leading us astray with false information and trying to prevent us from reconsidering our decision, you have not given us any reason to expect this from you.

We are hereby requesting you to rescind our contract since we had requested for cancellation within 5 days and most importantly it was based on illegal sales practices and fraudulent, misleading information.

1) We were told by the salesman/assistant manager Ron Naylor that it was a new kind of investment and we could write off tax on it but we found out later that it was really just a timeshare service. This is misleading information. He falsely told us that we could easily put the unit up for rent and could earn $780 to pay for the annual maintenant fee. We later found out that it was not guaranteed and it was really hard to rent and that we could receive less a 35% marketing cost. We received so many lies.

2) We were told that the maintenant fee was 520 USD a year but we found out that the fee will increase yearly up to 20% of the preceding year.

3) We were told by Ron Naylor that because you “have so many members from the US” so that you have stationed an office in San Diego for better service and that if we have “any issue at all”, we should call the San Diego Office and “they will take care the rest.” However, when we contacted them on September 1st, 2008, the only answer we got was that we had to call the resort to cancel. We immediately called the resort using the numbers provided in the package [protected]; [protected]/2098/2093). First two times we got no answer. Third try we talked to a lady who could only speak very limited English and she transferred us to a voice mail of a person named “Chris Vagar.” We did leave a message there. Fourth try we got another lady who then transferred me to a voice mail in Korean language. We were very frustrated. The next day September 2nd, 2008, we tried to call the San Diego office again and ask for the address and phone number of the resort [protected]). I called the number and talked to a lady named Elizabeth. She told me that the “Flamingos1 timeshare team was closed.”

4) We were told by Ron Naylor that we could cancel the membership anytime but then when we got home we found out in the back of the contract (which we were not showed at the time of signing) that we had to cancel within 5 days. We were intentionally lied to, to make us to miss the 5 day limit but fortunately we were still in that limit. We started calling and emailing Ron Naylor on 9/01/2008 (day 3) but never got a respond from him until 9/06/2008. The next day 9/07/2008 we received a lot of phone calls from Ivon Zuno, one of the timeshare service personnel, stating that we could not cancel the membership because it passed 5 days. She then tried to talk us into buying another timeshare package that she called a down-grade package from the one we had. We know we are not the only ones to have felt as misled as we do and we know we aren’t the only ones to have requested and received a full refund. We have already been in contact with people who have gone through this similar experience. We believe we should have no argument from anyone about this action since we make this request within the 5 days allowed by Mexican Law. We expect the refund due to us as prescribed by law and expect it in a timely manner.
IAW Article 56 of ARTICLE 56 OF LEY Federal de Protección al Consumidor. (Article 56 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law states: “The contract will be perfected within five working days from the delivery of, or the signature of the contract, which ever occurs the latest. During this period, the consumer will have the right to revoke his consent without any responsibility. The revocation will have to be by means of warning or delivery of notice, in person, by registered mail, or another method of average reliability. The revocation according to this article, will terminate the contract. In this case, the costs of shipping and insurance will be the responsibility of the consumer.”
We are aware that our right to cancellation and a full refund is non-waivable (the buyer cannot give it up) and even if the buyer is convinced to sign a document to give it up (waive the right) that waiver is not valid and the buyer still has the 5 day right. Any argument you have claiming that our enrollment fee is non-refundable is invalid according to Mexican law and this has been verified with PROFECO.
Any attempt by you to refuse this request will be forwarded to PROFECO.

5) Ron Naylor also told us that the purchase was under California law and we are protected by California law. In fact, this contract is operated under Mexican law, which we found out later on when Ron Naylor led us to another office down stair away from the sale office where they kept our children. We questioned Ivon Zuno about this. She said, “You are now in Mexico. It is Mexico law. Just signed this. There’s no way you can change your mind now.” We were pressured to sign all these documentations. For the safety of our children, we made no further attempt but bitterly signed these unwanted documents so we could safely return to our hotel. It is illegal to pressure consumers into signing contracts. We decided that the safest way was to wait until we were back to the US and then to call for cancellation. We know that the salespersons are using scare tactics so we have to sign the papers.
We signed the contract only after the outright fraudulent lie about the cancellation period, other lies, half truths and omissions, and the scare tactics.

We request you to please cancel our contract number G [protected]-000 and credit us full amount of the deposit of 3, 075 USD. We will then return any original documents you so request. We will be sending this document through the mail and carbon copy the addresses below.

We feel it is our duty to tell you that we have started a dispute with our credit card company, and have started a claim with the California Office of Attorney General Consumer Protection Agency who will be contacting you directly in the next few weeks.

We will also be filing a case with PROFECO, US Dept of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission – Bureau of Consumer protection, Embassy of Mexico,

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We hope this unpleasant situation will be resolved in the next few weeks.

Enclosed: copy of cancellation email sent to Ron Naylor on September, 1st 2008


Universal Vacation Club – UVC
404 Camino del Rio South, Fourth Floor
San Diego, CA. 92108


ResortCom International, LLC
UVC’s Management Co.
404 Camino del Rio South, 4th Floor San Diego, CA 92108

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  • Bo
      15th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm wondering what happened.

    Our experience is that we bought a one bedroom winter period at Villa del Flamingos on 12/21/08. They said they would buy another timeshare we owned as part of the deal but never asked us to sign any papers. Also, the real reason we bought was that they said we could rent out our week and definitely get Christmas week for a small fee. In addition, they said we would have the benefit of unlimited weeks of going to many hotels for $28 per night. Of course, this was never put in writing. Has anyone else had this offer?? Has anyone gotten any satisfaction from Villa Group or UVC???

  • Sw
      15th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Any updates?????

  • Am
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had a very similar experience.
    Visited Cabo San Lucas in April, was convinced to attend a 'free complimentary breakfast and tour of brand new facility at Villa Del Arco' simply by purchasing a discounted ATV tour. I ended up signing a contract for a junior suite for 1 week for 30 years. put a $3085 deposit down, and agreed to a monthly payment plan for $175 a month for 7 years, plus the $585 annual maintenance fee.
    and even went out to dinner with the saleslady the same night for a great dinner.
    However, after she dropped me off, I spent the whole night feeling sick, I suffered severe buyers remorse, realised the US to CAD currency was going to nail me, and as a single woman I simply could not afford the payments.
    I went back in person next day to cancel, and was told by the Sales manager that I would lose my deposit if I did. I understood that I had 5 days to cancel under Mexican Law and pointed this out to him and he insisted that because they were a US based company they were exempt from that law. Unsure of my rights, I agreed to a lesser package, one week every other year for 30 years at only $8500.
    Feeling cornered, emotional and unsure of my rights I reluctantly signed the cheaper deal rather than lose my 3085 deposit..(which was closer to 4000 when the currency exchange was factored in)

    I spent the last day of my vacation feeling really upset. My flight was delayed for 24 hours and I didn't arrive back in Canada until the saturday. I got online and found Profeco, and called them but as it was the weekend the offices were closed.
    First thing Monday morning I was on the phone to them and they confirmed that I had been lied to, and I did have 5 days to cancel. I called the Head offices in San Diego to cancel and complain and they told me I had to notify the resort in person or in writing within the 5 days. I was in day 5, and it all had to be done by the end of that day. I sent 2 faxes, ($110) one to resort one to Profeco, copying everything. I followed up with 2 registered mails ($60). 2 days later the deposit was put onto my credit card.
    I heard from Profeco telling me they had recieved my complaint and that if I hadn't recieved my full refund back within 20 days they would act on my behalf as mediator.
    A day later I recieved a call from head office in San Diego 'welcoming me' to my membership and to set up my payment plan. I told them what had happened and that I had cancelled my contract.
    The agent asked me to forward all of the information to him and he would follow up and get back to me.
    I didn't hear back from him for a couple of days, so I sent another email. Still didn't get a reply.
    I came on this board and found a reply to another complaint and noticed the information for Gonzalez and Gonzalez a law firm in Jalisco specialising in timeshare fraud.
    I called and spoke to Cindy, who was extremely helpful and empathatic. She told me to send all of information to her and she would pass along to Jose Gonzalez the attorney. Jose himself called me back in Canada and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me explaining to me that I had a case, I had been lied to, and unfortunately the timeshare business was a huge money making business in Mexico and alot of that money was made each year from people like me.

    He didn't pressure me into using his services, but he did tell me that I had done everything right, however the timeshare resorts were notorious for not acknowledging cancellations. If I was to succeed I was to be persistent, and it may take 3 - 6 months before I could expect a refund if they even agreed to do so. Even if they told me that they were taking care of it, I still had to be persistent until the money was back in my account, because in reality what they really want is for you to simply become so exhausted that you simply give up, or just forget about it, and end up keeping it rather than go through the hassle of it all.
    Even if Profeco stepped in, there was no real garuantee that I would get my refund back, instead they would simply help me in cancelling my contract.
    He also warned me that the timeshare companies were also pretty ruthless in putting accounts into collection agency's which destroyed credit ratings as a scare tactic for people who simply refused to make payments.

    I thanked him for his time, and decided that I would give it about 1 more week, and if I didn't get refund back then I would retian his services, but I would follow up with the head offices with another phone call. Which I did that afternoon. I left a curt message for the agent I had been dealing with and told him I was requesting a formal status update of my cancellation and when I could expect my full refund.
    He called me back that evening at home and apologised for not getting back to me sooner, and told me that yes he had heard back from the resort, the cancellation had been in compliance and that I should be getting a refund within a couple of business days.
    I felt a little skeptical, however I went online to do some banking that night, and my refund had been applied back on to my credit card!

    I must have been one of the lucky ones.

  • Ca
      22nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Does anyone know what happens if it is longer than 5 days? I just called UVC and they told me today was my 5th day, not tomorrow, and I needed to get a letter certified overnighted today. WOn't happen as I don't have a post office open this late at night. Any advise??

  • Ca
      22nd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    If I am unable to cancel, has anyone had any GOOD experiences with this type of timeshare? I am afraid I might be stuck with it and am hoping that I can make the best of the situation. Haven't heard anyone say it was better than they expected. Any suggestions on where I might find some happy investors?

  • Ty
      20th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    sounds to me like all you greedy little pigs want the free buffet breakfast, while thinking your not going to be sold scamed them first accepting free gifts to visit a timeshare... are you kidding me...never under estimate the ignorance of the general public!!!

  • Am
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    tymtoby, nope, I had no interest in the free breakfast, I was staying in an all inclusive resort, where the breakfasts were fantastic, I even told the initial contact the breakfast wasn't necessary. But upon my arrival at the resort I was lead into the restaurant where a dismal looking breakfast was offered. It was completly crap. so I picked up a banana and had a coffee which was weak and lukewarm. I wanted the 50% off the ATV tour, for which I'd paid for ($35USD) upfront the previous day from the girl in the booth, and for which I never even got to take because the sales rep wanted me to join her for dinner that night, the same night my ATV was to be (and no she didn't buy me dinner, we went dutch and that night cost me about $100)
    the sales rep also gave me a 'voucher' for a 25 minute massage to be used the following day at the resort as a 'gift' for purchasing. She told me that it was a gift from her personally to say thank you.
    However suffering from buyers remorse I went back in person the next day to cancel the contract and was told I couldn't cancel. Even after I told them I knew of the Mexican Law having the right to cancel within the 5 days. They insisted they were US company and exempt from that law (a blatant lie)
    I left the resort, stunned unsure of my rights, and emotional after agreeing to a dicounted deal, and never got to use the free 'gift' of the massage either.
    I sucessfully cancelled my contract after returning home (at a cost of approx $500 - faxes, registered letters and loss on the currency exchange from the deposit) not to mention a ton of stress.
    About a month later, and after making some other contacts in Cabo for employment opportunities and looking at Real Estate, I found the sales rep on a Cabo business networking society, (under a different name that she has used on the contract) I contacted her as I actually liked her as a person and had alot of fun with her (it was the guy the next day that lied and refused to let me cancel I had the real problem with) and I explained about the cancellation and why I had done so... she said she was 'cool' and it was no biggie... but then she had the nerve to ask me to deposit $200 USD into her US bank account to cover the cost of the massage that she said had paid for out of her own pocket (100) (!) plus (100) that she says she was charged back on the loss of the contract! I told her that if she paid 100 for a 25 minute massage she'd been ripped off, and it wasn't something I had asked her to do, and I hadn't even gotten the massage and no way was I paying for something I didn't get, and if the company charged her 100 for cancellation of contract then that was her problem and part of her employement contract as far as I was concerned and to take it up with her decent ethical employer!
    I was just simply releived to have been one of the lucky ones that persisted and was successful in the cancellation process.

    Never ever again will I be ignorant or naive to accept something at a discount or a free incentive gift. Its a shame that I will forever be suspicious of peoples motives now.

  • De
      7th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Member, we recognize your concerns and take each one or our member's concerns very serious. We encourage any one of our Members with issues related to the Villa Group to contact the Developer's Representative in Puerto Vallarta directly at 619-683-2338.

  • Ma
      8th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I would like to see if the majority of owners who have responded to this forum would be interested in participating in a class action against UVC? Please contact me at marcus.[protected] If I received enough interest I will contact a San Diego law firm to see if we have an actionable cause.

  • Je
      20th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    You went through quite an effort to describe your experiences. I realize this all started in 2008 and I sincerely hope everything worked out to your satisfaction.

    I would like to direct any readers of this posting to go to a website I just published (3/2010) and read to your heart's content. It is addressing many issues and concerns with the Villa Group (Developer) and the UVC. If you are a UVC Member and would like to add your name to my UVC Member mailing list, please contact me via the “Contact Us” page on the site or send an email to [protected] Jeff Robbins.

  • El
      31st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just came back from Cancun yesterday and stupidly put $1000 down on a time share at the Villa del Palmar Caribe...thank God it was only $1000. I cancelled my credit card the day after I got home and am speaking with their fraud department tomorrow. We were hit up leaving the airport and my husband was dumb enough to believe these people. The next day when I got there with him we were told honestly that we were not going to make money on this deal but where we were lied to was we were told we were getting 1 week a year anytime we wanted. What they showed us and what was on the contract later (whose print was so fine I could barely read it with my contact lenses in). The "legal" person who made up the contract told us the same bull...we had 1 week a year and anytime we wanted; we were never told we had 5 days to cancel and we believed what she repeated from the sales people was true. I really had doubts but I lived on Isla Mujeres many years ago and that was what eventually got me...being near the dock and looking at the Island.
    Anyway luckily I just gave $1000 down and we have not made any other payments as we just got home. They gave us the docs in a huge closed package and were told "not to tell anyone at the resort we were staying in" what we had done. We put the packet in the safe and enjoyed our holidays believing everything was OK. When I opened the packet for a peek the day before we were leaving I saw they had only given us as per the contract 1 week every 2 years and only from May-October...totally different than what we were told.
    I already cancelled the credit card that I used and will be speaking with someone at the dispute department tomorrow as they were already closed. Now I just want the contract cancelled that we signed as that is not what they represented to me and my husband. I also noticed that the credit card was charged to the Villa del Palmar and not to the people who are on my contract who I am supposed to make my payments to...I am definately interested in going after these people.

  • De
      9th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Members and interested parties, please be aware the number for the Developer Representative in Puerto Vallarta has changed. If you need to contact the Developer's Representative for any issues related to the Villa Group, you may now contact 619-940-1078 or 619-940-1079 (US Lines). We look forward to hearing from you.

    Developer Representative
    Puerto Vallarta Area

  • Pl
      1st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I came back from Puerto Vallarta in March and they got me for 8, 000 down. They told me that they would rent out my weeks so dont worry about putting that much down. I feel like such a fool becasue they told me that was normal, but I see everybody put no more then 4, 000. They told me that I could get any size room, unlimted weeks, maintance fee was only if you rent it and it's not going to be on my credit. This is why I though the down was so much because you do get alot if that was true. I really need help to cancel my contract. Please help! Please help me!

  • Me
      16th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Here's our situation...We bought when renting another person's timeshare unit five years ago at Villa De Astancia in Cabo. Went there just wanting a great family vaca and got sucked into a timeshare presentation and...yes...we folded and Villa Del Arco in Cabo. We had owned timeshare many years ago and thought we'd NEVER go there again but had been assured that Interval international was a great situation...we'd been on RCI and had a dismal experience. While we enjoy Mexico, we want to be able to travel to other countries as well. We've used our Villa unit twice at Villa Del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta and have had good expreiences...although the Mexican "hustle" to get you to upgrade or add weeks is getting old. The problem is that we CAN'T trade this unit on Interval International...they are happy to take our unit but we simply can't find a 2 bedroom unit in coastal US or Hawaii, Spain or Italy during the summer. Now, if we wanted to go to the desert of California or Williamsburg, VA we'd be in luck but we don't. So, while we love our home resorts in Mexico, we don't find this workable from a trading standpoint. Haven't tried to rent it out independently...anyone had luck with that?

  • Nu
      23rd of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    After a scandalous visit to Villa del Palmar Cancun that left a very bitter taste in my mouth, I will have nothing to do with a Villa Del Palmar resort. They obviously do not have customer centered business philosophy and are thus not worth my money or consideration.

  • De
      21st of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Regarding Nukemall´s comment, After numerous emails I am still waiting for him to contact us here in Cancun to find out about his ¨scandalous¨visit so we can address his concerns.

  • De
      5th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Regarding Nukemall´s comment, I am still waiting to hear from him regarding his concerns.

  • De
      25th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Still waiting to hear from Nukemall.

  • Oo
      6th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    My husband and I also attended a "presentation" at Villa del Palmar Flamingos back in December 2009. We too were sucked in to the tune of nearly 10K. In retrospect the deal was too good to be true and all the lies and promises that they feed you to get you to sign up are not in the contract. We were told we would have no problem accessing a 1 or 2 bedroom suite over the Christmas holidays (weeks 51 and 52 specifically) at Flamingos. We repeatedly asked for confirmation on this as my husband is a teacher and we cannot travel outside of these weeks for our winter vacations. We were assured this wouldn't be a problem. We purchased in December of 2009. Now in December 2010 we are back in the area and not even staying at our resort. They didn't have room for us. So much for being treated like "owners". So now we are staying in a condo in Bucerias. This year (one year after original contract was signed) I walked back into Flamingos with my ten-thousand dollar keychain (you know the one) and went to the sales office to ask a few questions. It was late afternoon and the sharks were done their day...all sitting around a table. When I walked into the sales room they all jumped up like I was the walking dead and anxiously wanted to know what I was doing there. Told them I was looking to speak to someone about my membership as I needed some clarification. I specifically asked for Graham Minter (former American guy who claims he once a CIA agent) who I knew was still there from the previous year. He was right there so he came over to chat and I told him that as unhappy as I was, I realized that what was done was done, but I did want to try to be as positive as possible, and see what I could actually do with my membership. He played stupid so I told him that we had been mislead and I was rather upset by the fact that we had spent a lot of money, and now 1 year later we weren't even staying at "our resort". He said he was "surprised to hear that" because he didn't get member complaints. Graham Minter, in fact, was the individual instrumental in getting us to sign the contract last year. He lied through his teeth promising availability at holiday times and knew that our only option for travel was during black out times. He promised that our Interval membership would give us access and amazing rates to first class resorts and hotels around the world. Lies. Unless you want to go to some 2-star hotel in Virginia. This man stole our money and I'm sure he has stolen millions. Oh...and his wife Marguerite is the nice lady will have you sign all of those cryptic documents. I will turn these lemons into very expensive lemonade. I cannot afford to be bitter as life is too short to let these ground-feeders get the best of me. My meeting with Graham Minter ended when he had shaken my hand about 3 or 4 times (I think he was nervous that I was going to make a scene) and told me that he couldn't help me. I needed to go upstairs to member services. Member services was closing but i did manage to make an appt with Joyce for 2 days later at "9am". Naturally 2 days later at 9am Joyce was conveniently not there...called away for some reason. We did sit down with the "asst manager" Horacio who seemed forthcoming enough. He admitted that we had been lied to and duped and heard us out. He said that the "member services" sales people and the sales team on the main floor (for the newbies) used to all be in the same room. Because they "operate differently" he said that they requested a separate space and that is why they are now on the floor above. The group that sells/upgrades "members" doesn't agree with what the main floor is doing. My theory is that his story is also a load of crap. First time around they lie like crazy, pressure you and wear you down. Next time around they send you upstairs for screw-job #2. This time they empathize with you and act like they want to fix your problems and in the end it's just an up-sell. Bottom line is you end up paying more money and Horacio drives off in his Benz to play a round of golf with Graham. I honestly don't know how these guys sleep at night. And yes, Horacio did offer us a great deal...a really great deal: Weeks 51 and 52 guaranteed every year for 30 additional studio for our friends or family...(can you imagine the maintenance we be stuck with per year on the studio alone?). These guys are good...really good. My husband and I are not stupid people (insert wise-crack here). I have wanted to post something many times and just not...perhaps out of embarassment...perhaps just not wanting to waste anymore of my time. This vacation time share scam in Mexico just may be one of the biggest global scams of all time. I can only imagine how many American and Canadian tourists have left thousands of dollars on the table and ended up just walking away from it all. This is great for the Mexican economy and I'm sure the government loves it. Ever noticed the glut of real estate available in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area? There are a lot of empty condos, empty rooms, and half built developments everywere you look. They say each tour/presentation costs them $1200 USD. The Mexican govt apparently gets $500 per from that which leaves $700 for the recruiter to split with the poor suckers who got duped into the presentation. Hopefully you got more that a bottle of tequilla and a blanket because if you didn't that means that guy at Walmark who recruited you walked away with $670 USD when he dropped you off at the presentation. Not a bad days any standard. Now I'm losing focus here but I think you see what I'm getting at. This scam brings the country millions...developers are getting rich, the governement is getting a nice chunk, the salespeople are living the high life, and with all of this building going on there is a ton of employment for the people. It's great for the least 5% of it anyway. At some point this will be exposed on a grand scale I'm sure. There has to be a lot bubbling under the surface. No one likes to be ripped off. Unfortunately it's tough to go public about it because you feel like a fool. Trust me, your aren't alone out there. There are plenty of people out there, very intellegent people, who have lost money with Villa del Palmar and the likes. I don't know about you, but I'm content in knowing that I live my life and conduct my business with integrity. I can sleep at night. Shame on you Villa del Palmar. Shame on all of you.

  • De
      9th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am still waiting to hear from Nukemall regarding his Cancun experience so that we can resolve whatever his issues may be.

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