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Viking Recovery services showed up at my home last night at 12:00 AM! They were looking for the people that owned our homed prior to us-they have been gone for 2 years!! They were rude, aggressive, completely inconsiderate, and oblivious to that fact that it was midnight. They woke us up out of a dead sleep and absolutely scared us. I cannot believe that they showed up in the middle of the night looking for someone who has been gone for years! This company lacks professionalism and decency. Beware of them!

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  • Vi
      Aug 17, 2009

    These Are Bogus Posting's... Both Were Posted from the same IP address. Nice try though!

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  • Mc
      Aug 27, 2009

    Viking Recovery called our house regarding our ex SIL that moved to the east coast from Boise, Idaho. He has never lived here, and he knows he would not dare show his face here.
    Can't they check these things, he lived in Clarion PA for well over a year. And our last names are totally different.

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  • Pa
      Mar 06, 2010

    McKeel, Just to set the record straight you are talking about a different Viking Recovery. That company in particular is a collection agency. The viking recovery this complaint is about is a recovery company. As for the comment at hand. It is possible but that trickles down to the skip tracing which a recovery company does not do. The recovery company only goes where the bank sends them so although it may be a hassle to a person who owns the home of a previous bad debtor, it is the only info the bank has and they would not know if the recovery company did not go there. I personally work for a recovery company and I personally go knock at the door around 6 pm and if no answer I go later and later until someone finally answers. So there may be a chance someone did not hear the door until they were in bed. Also a possibility no one was home, etc. I also know that this type of situation is on the rise for all of you folks that are buying foreclosed homes. People did not make thier house, car, boat, etc. payments and now you own the house they were not paying for. The bank for the car, boat, etc. does not know the house has been sold. As for the rude and aggressiveness I can not speak for because I am always professional and kind. The people I deal with on a regular basis have it bad enough.

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