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Viking Collection Service, Inc. / Harassment at work

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Julie Olsen with Viking credit has been harassing me at work, where I work at a high stress-level, intense situation. She has asked who my boss is, been verbally abusive to my co-workers, and has over stepped her boundaries countless times. In this day and age, this kind of abuse is completely inappropriate. I cannot take calls at work at all, unless they are work related, and getting me fired from my job is not a great method of money collection. I will be pursuing VIGORISLY a legal end to her harassment, and I know that Chase Bank sells their overdue credit card balances, so maybe re-thinking Chase Bank is a good idea as well.

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  • Mi
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    Back in late 04/08. I got a call from a Mr. Desmond, who stated I owe money on a card, ok give me about 3 weeks just got done paying back taxes, he agreed and will do a payment plan very proffesional.

    Within an hour Mr. Risner (MAY HE DIE OF BRIAN CANCER AND BURN IN HELL WITH HIS MOTHER) called me at 933 PM. and started yelling, cursing and being ruthless, right off the bat, I think he did that to see how far he can push me. I expalined I mailed out tax checks give me about 3 weeks. He said NO I WANT THAT MONEY TONITE. I stated I cant have those checks bouce, he stated I DONT CARE, YOU PAY US FIRST, I CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE MISABLE. ( I guess he meant more misable by not paying VCS over my taxes, ) he then stated EITHER WAY I WAS GOING TO JAIL BY THE END OF THE WEEK CAUSE, I WILL PAY VCS TONITE AND THE CHECKS WILL BOUNCE, OR THE CHECKS WONT CLEAR DO TO MY ACCOUNT BEING CLOSED, THE NEXT DAY. EITHER WAY I AM GETTING YOUR MONEY. I asked him what did that mean, he stated I AM A POKER MAN AND I NEVER SHOW MY CARDS, YOU WILL FIND OUT TOMORROW, YOU ARE MESSING WITH THE WRONG COMPANY, he stated, YOU ARE GOING TO HOPE THOSE CHECKS BOUNCED, AFTER WHAT YOU SEE WHAT I CAN DO TO YOU. I was a reck I thought I was talking to someone from a mob movie like I owed a loan shark, that is how much I got bullied around. This country allows companies like this to do bussiness like this, they should be closed down and fined and locked up.

    Then it gets worse my parents are on a fix income but, Mr. Risner (MAY YOU DIE OF BRAIN CANCER AND BURN IN HELL) Then said HE WILL CALL MY PARENTS AND GET THE MONEY FROM THEM, by now its 10:07pm my dad is in his 70's and disabled I said they dont have the money please give me 2 weeks. He stated I DONT CARE IF YOUR DADS SICK YOU OWE US MONEY, TONITE!!! I GOT THEIR NUBER AND HE READ IT OFF( must of looked it up) I said its after 10PM, NY state laws you cant call after 9pm he said WHO IS GOING TO STOP ME . YOUR THE ONE WHO DOESNT PAY HIS BILLS WHO WILL THEY BELIVE. He then stated IF HE CANT GET MY PARENTS, HE WILL GET A COPY OF MY CELL PHONE BILL CAUSE HE DOES HAVE MY SS NUMBER ON FILE and START CALLING EVERYONE ON THE BILL. And all I was doing for 50 mins begging him please 2 more weeks. HE DIDNT CARE, HE SAID HE WILL CALL MY JOB THE NEXT DAY TRY TO GET THE MONEY FROM MY BOSSES AND CO-WORKERS . I told him I have no work number and I can be fired .GOOD, I DONT CARE he stated, PAY YOUR BILLS. I still begged 2 more weeks. he said I was an ###ING LIER, ABOUT MY TAXES AND HE WANTED COPIES OF MY TAX RETURNS TO SEE THEM. Isnt illegal asking someone for personal information and getting somone phone bill!!!

    Well anyway next day I called the bank scared to death about my accout being frozen, couldnt sleep that nite, but still praying for Mr. Risner to die, that how pissed and hurt I was. the bank said VCS cant do a thing it takes about 6 weeks and a judgement must be passed. I then spoke to collection people they advise me to call the FTC.

    Then I found out about a month later that VCS is a SCHEME they never had my account JCC colletions has my accounts it was sold to JCC. VCS looks at cerdit reports and try to get the money before I gets sold off, its a SCHEME. When i called JCC they spoke to me very proffessional and worked with me and around my income and it is almost paid off thank god.

    But VCS still calls m, saying I still owe them money and that my bank account will be frozen, eventhough my account was never theirs,

    I not a mean person but thr hate I have for Mr. Risner, nobody cant blame me the way I could sleep that nite and begging like a kid, Dont tell me parents, dont call my friends and take my money, dont get me fired was nothing like I been though before, with any bill collector or agency period.

    Please lets get together and get a campain write to the FTC and congress to close them down.

    PS. This is to the CEO of the company I hope you read this and take my advice and FIRE Mr. Risner on the spot and hire more Mr. Desmonds!!! to fix the direction your company is going.

  • Da
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    After Viking was told to stop calling my parents (About a debt that isn't even theirs), they called back and left voice mail threatening physical violence. I just hope the FBI will actually do something about this.

  • Le
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    I'm having much the same problems with Viking Collection Service--even though they've repeatedly agreed to fax me verification of my debt, they never have, and now they claim that they had to get the request in writing, even though they've refused to give me a mailing address or (until today) an account number! I've read in a number of complaints on the web that Viking resists paper correspondence at all costs, perhaps to avoid leaving a paper trail that would corroborate their violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices act. That certainly seems to be the case for me. The posting above is the first alert I've had that they work opportunistically by monitoring credit reports, not necessarily under contract to the creditor. That would explain why they have no interest in arranging payments--they have no authority to do so. If that's the case, they're wildly in violation of the law.

    There's a lot of advice to contact your state's Attorney General office or the Federal Trade Commission and make a complaint. That may make you feel better, but those agencies may take years to take action, if they ever do so. At least in California, you can sue collection agencies for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in Small Claims Court. (A copy of the entire act can be downloaded at, and the Federal Trade Commission has a "plain English" version of your rights and options at If you can't afford an attorney, you can file your own Small Claims case and represent yourself; you may also be able to get pro bono legal assistance from your local legal aid service. Here's what the FTC website says about your right to sue:

    "You have the right to sue a collector in a state or federal court within one year from the date the law was violated. If you win, you may recover money for the damages you suffered plus an additional amount up to $1, 000. Court costs and attorney' s fees also can be recovered. A group of people also may sue a debt collector and recover money for damages up to $500, 000, or one percent of the collector' s net worth, whichever is less."

    Keep in mind that you can often sue for multiple violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and that each violation carries its own penalty. Even if you sue in Small Claims Court, the collection agency must send a representative to the trial to plead its side of the case; that representative is usually an attorney, and that increases the costs to the collection agency. Just the threat that (a) you know what you're doing, and (b) you're going to cost the Agency far more than it will ever make by collecting the debt, is often sufficient to get the collection agency to back down and settle.

    Let me finish by saying that I'm not an attorney, so what I've written should not be construed as legal advice. However, you can go to the Federal Trade Commission website and find out for yourself.

  • Le
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    One addition/correction to my comment above: According to the Federal Trade Commission:

    "Within five days after you are first contacted, the collector must send you a written notice telling you the amount of money you owe; the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money; and what action to take if you believe you do not owe the money."

    I never received any written communications from Viking at any time. Thus, the "30 day" rule for challenging the legitimacy of the debt doesn't apply. The first time a Viking collector calls you, the five day clock starts.

    Here are Viking's mailing addresses:

    Viking Collection Service, Inc.
    7500 Office Ridge Circle, Suite 100
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344

    Viking Collection Service Southwest, Inc.
    2075 West Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite 110
    Phoenix, Arizona 85027

    In my opinion, the more research I do, the more I believe that Viking is little more than a questionably legal scam, taking advantage of people who don't know their rights, and intimidating them into paying debts that they either may not owe or can settle for much less money with the original creditor. Again, I'm not an attorney, so this should only be considered my opinion, not legal advice.

  • Rh
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    yes, they are very rude.. "Jami" told me he didn't care if my husband was in the hospital with colon cancer, that this Wells Fargo credit card should be paid off first. He stated that the credit card debt should be settled before I pay any of the new hospital bills because it was the most important... more important than a husband being treated for colon cancer? I hope he gets colon cancer... then he'll be singing a different tune.

    He also informed me to contact a lawyer so that the lawyer can tell me what ALL Viking can do to me and if I didn't have a lawyer that the Viking attorney would be more than happy to inform me on just what they can do to me.

    The calls are non stop to my husband and myself, all ours, constantly and now he has switched to an unavailable phone number so we can't see who is calling.

    very rude and tries to make you feel like you are the ### of the earth. I was frustrated once and told him he could do what ever he had to do. He informed me that the statement was just recorded and now I would really find out just what all they can do to me.

    If that's not a threat... I don't know what is...

  • Je
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    To Mike O. (from NY)

    Before submitting your rant, next time read carefully. It says, "Please check text spelling before submitting a comment".

    There's a reason for this. You've now lost ALL credibility because you sound like an uneducated child throwing a tantrum.

    Grow up kid, and pay your bills.

    You girl.

  • Ru
      11th of Apr, 2010
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    Educate yourselfs by Googling "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" read all the Titles, particularly Title 805, you can stop them from contacting you.

  • Ev
      30th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I recently started working for Viking and the reality is that people sign a contract agreeing to pay for items purchased on their credit cards. They end up spending more than they can affored because they CHOOSE to live beyond their means and abuse the very institutes that try to help them out and allow them to purchase their needs when theyre in times of trouble or because they think they HAVE to have the big screen tv or the newest gadget. Then when they decide they don't want to or ignore paying their bills or ignoring the CONTRACT they agreeed to and signed off on they want to say the collection agency who is only helping their clients retrieve monies from broken promises or in other terms (stealing, theft, fraud) they call them evil and rude for basically telling it like it is even though they don't want to hear the truth, or want it to just to away and be forgotten about, while they watch American Idol on the big screen TV with sound surround they purchased with someone elses money and have the gaul to complain when they default on their broken promise or agreement. You made the agreement, you purchased the merchandise with the card you agreed to pay in full if it went into default, then you want to call Viking the bad guys? Take a reality check here at who the criminal is and who the bad guy is before spouting off about how terrible they are. Perhaps there are some (a very small amount) who go to extremes and at times go beyond what the law allows to attempt to retrieve what is rightfully their clients despite what hardships they may be going through but overall Viking is a very professional company with a highly empathatic staff and train how to help people solve their mistakes or intentional overspending their means in a stern, truthful straight to the point variety of ways to help their client retrieve as much of what has been stolen from them in the first place and often settle for much less than what is truly owed. For all those complaining if they hadn't overspent and paid their bills in the first place there wouldn't be an issue at all now would there? What more is there to say? If you can't be responsible with a credit card then don't apply for one. PERIOD!!!

  • Ri
      5th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    To the employee of Viking: you guys are nothing but [censor]! I find it very entertaining that you are so self righteous about being a lowlife vulture. Let me tell you and the others on the board how I deal with slime like you...

    First, I don't pay you. Ever. No matter what. And YES, I enjoy watching my favorite TV shows on the bigscreen that your client's money paid for. And guess what? I'm LAUGHING about it and your pathetic efforts to collect. You see, I live in Texas. Texas is a VERY debtor-friendly state. Yeah, collection weasels CAN sue here, but unless there's a lot of personal property sitting around in the debtor's name or in the debtor's bank account, you [censor] aren't going to collect a dime even if you sue and win a judgment. You see, in Texas collectors CANNOT garnish wages. And guess what else? If you file a lien against real property you are legally required to release it JUST BECAUSE THE DEBTOR DEMANDS that you do so (unless the debt was a mortgage secured by the real property in question). If the creditor or collector fails to do so, then you can sue them for big bucks (and I did, and I WON). So when I lost my job and had trouble paying and didn't want to worry about pieces of [censored] like you, I started keeping my cash in an account owned by a friend but which I was given signing privileges on. I transferred my car into a friend's name, along with any personal property I had of any value. Stuff I bought on credit and didn't want to lose I kept at a friend's house so there was nothing at my legal address for a constable to come get. As far as harassing calls, well, I used Call Blocker and Selective Call Forwarding to deal with most of it. I alerted my neighbors that "identity thieves" were calling around trying to get others to give out my information, and advised them to file complaints and/or lawsuits, and provided contact information for the attorneys helping me out. Several FDCPA and FCRA suits were filed and complaints made. Some nice cash awards and attorney fees had to be forked over by the collection weasels. NICE! SO, I was never really inconvenienced all that much, and now, 5 years later, all the debt is stale and I am protected by the statutes of limitations. Only one suit was ever filed against me, and I challenged it and it was dismissed for lack of proper documentation by the collector. FUNNY! I re-established my credit with a secured card, and have long since gotten an unsecured VISA and a car loan. In a few more years all the old negative crap will roll off of my report and I'll have not repaid probably close to $100K. What's really sad about all this is that I offered to work with the original creditors when I first lost my job, and after I got a new job. All of them wanted to be hard-a$$es and none of them wanted to do a deal that I could live with. So in the end, who lost? THEY DID! I'm still standing and hardly any worse for the wear, and in 2.5 years my credit report will be totally CLEAN. My advice to anyone getting harassed: learn the laws in the state you live in, and if they aren't debtor friendly then relocate to Texas if you can. Don't EVER bow down to the debt-collection weasels, and NEVER let yourself be intimidated by those A$$CLOWNS!

  • Fd
      22nd of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Hey Richard-

    How does it feel to be a thief? Your ridiculous rant about Texas and how protected you are makes me laugh. You are exactly the type of person that Texas breeds; someone that abuses credit and credit laws to their own benefit and then sits back and laughs about it

    Do you realize that what you are doing costs American taxpayers money?? Who do you think caused banks to require a bail out?? People like you. Who paid for the bail-out? Every hard working American that pays taxes. I hope you're proud Richard, proud of being a thief.

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