Vijay gas service / Not delivering cylinder

My name is Linda and i have a connection with Vijay gas consumer number complaint herewith is that..i had booked a cylinder on the 13th of september and the lady there told me that i would be getting the new cylinder within 5days...9days have passed and i still hadnt received one...i called up the office few days back and they said tht 'the load had not yet come...and that it would be delivered the nextday'...i waited for a day...when i saw no sign of it i called again..'Today the lady says it would take another 5days to be i asked her the reason for it and she replies saying that its today that i'm booking for the cylinder so its gonna take 5days...i explained to her saying that i had already done so fewdays here she asks 'for a proof' what do i answer for such a irresponsible answer...i kindof feel cheated about the whole issue...could u please help out of this...why are the agencies taking us for a ride eachtime we call to book a cylinder?...kindly do something about this...

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