vigo shower doors / Poor customer service lack of website information

1 MD, United States
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I ordered Vigo Industries frame-less doors from The website does not tell you that a licensed professional has to install the doors. I tried contacting 4 local glass companies to install the doors but they all refused stating they only install their doors due to issue with prefab doors and that most shower openings are not completely square thus causing the potential for the shower doors to break. The product description on the website makes no mention of requiring a professional installer.
When calling customer service I was told I would be charged a restock fee of 20% + the original shipping. They refused to tell me how much shipping I would be charged and when I pushed back on being charged shipping both ways for a product I could not get installed I asked to speak to a supervisor. He was not only rude but he proceeded to school me on how I should have contacted someone prior to ordering the doors to ensure I could get them installed. When I got pissed with his attitude he proceeded to tell me I could wait to find out what the amount of my credit would be when their RMA email gets to my email account in a couple of days. He also stated I would be dishonest if I posted a complaint since this is their policy IE "I Don't Want the Product Anymore or I Want to Exchange the Product" Which is not accurate since it is not a matter of not wanting the product but that no one will install them. Who is dishonest, perhaps they should post my review of the product stating not to buy it without ensuring someone will install the doors. Either way, this guy is the poorest customer service representative and a supervisor nonetheless. His name was Aaron Guerra, steer clear of this company.

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