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1 2959 leeward avenue apt 107, Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Phone: (213)446-8249

got a heavy water leak in our unit that started on Saturday @3pm and mgr not in the building.water leak is coming out from the bedroom ceiling and on the lighting fixture in the bathroom.even neighbors does not know who to contact.posted number for emergency does not respond.mgr did not return voice message until today only, Monday @10am and she even admitted she is not inthe building since Friday.i made her aware that I filed a complaint against her with the la housing authority for not responding to emergency call.then she ask me what does I want her to do and I said better let the inspector from the country to see it.but today she was knocking hard by our unit and I did not open the door bec. On Sunday I went to the ER bec I was stressed that our property will be damaged and donor know when the leak will stop.and @10pm we saw a letter that they will forcefully enter our I have a right not to allow them to enter the unit tomorrow and can I call the police?i feel that they neglect in responding to emergency and just because I reported them, they are hurrying up to fix the unit.i am afraid that they will do a lousy job because the bathroom have mold right now and the tub was only repainted and now that the paint is peeling off, you can see the black stain on it.when we moved in, there are a lot of cucurachas and until now.our car was robbed the first month we moved in and then the parking garage was broken and only fixed after 1 and 1/2 month.there was once a false fire alarm and the mgr is nowhere to be found that 911 have to come to turn off the alarm.the carpet and the tiles by all hallways was never cleaned that you can see black color in between the was not powered wash and carpet never steamed cleaned.when elevator was broken, the doors leading outside stairs can be opened only from the inside that they have to leave it open24 hours endangering all tenants.right now parking gate is broken for 5 days and god knows when it's gonna get fixed.again they do not care if our car got robbed and endangering again all the tenants.this is why i do not trust them.we also rent 2 unit but given 1 parking space.the reason that the mgr gave us is, it is because it is hard to talk to the old tenants who occupied the parking spaces.then when we realized that that was not fair and told her, she started to hanged the story and made us guilty that we agreed on it.we do have plans on moving out but I do not want them to get away from what is their responsibility and held them accountable for not following the state regulations if ever they violated it.

Jun 16, 2015

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