Video ActionFraud- Unauthorized Charges

This all began the day 04/21/09 when I unfortunately went to Video Action, the name of the store that rents movies. I got a membership which cost me $5.00 the condition to obtain that membership was I had to provide a credit card, the total cost for the transaction was $9.33 because I also rented 2 movies, I paid cash with a $10.00 dollar bill and I got .67 cents of change, the credit card was never charged. The next day I went to return the movies back on time, the movies were checked I said Thanks and went home. 3 days later when I was reviewing my bank statement I noticed that I had $41.65 dollars charged from that store then the next day I went and I spoke to Rosie who is the store clerk name and asked about the charge, she told me that she had no idea about that charge that appeared in my bank statement, she said to me that she would tell to her boss later. 4 more days passed by and when I was checking my account again, surprise a new charge appears again from the same store this time for $31.00 dollars. The next day I went to talk and the same clerk Rosie who attended me, I asked for an explanation about the new charge and she told me that her boss was trying to restore the $41.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Riverside, CA65 dollars but, I told her that there was a new charge and they weren’t restoring my money then again she told me that she would tell her boss. I came back the next day and rented 2 more movies “Notorious” was one of them. The next day I went to return the movies, They were never late and I asked her again for my money she told me again that she had spoken to her boss and they were trying to restore my money, I told her that they were stealing my money and that was fraud, She told me that they were working on it and to come back again. Three days passed by and I went to ask about my money again, The she said the same thing they were working on it, Three more times I went to ask for my money, but she became more upset, she told me that were working on the case therefore, I decided report to Bank of America and this is how this happened.
PS. This has already been reported to Bank of America as I am refusing to pay these charges.
There statement was the following "The movies were returned 4 days late and the DVD was damaged"
The statement looked like it was written by a 2 or 3 year old, It was so sloppy I couldn't even read it.
They said the DVD was 4 days late when I returned them the very next day.
I hope these people get shut down, With they pathetic store and pathetic service.


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