Victoria's Secretstore manager angela

Horrific experience with the manager angela. She was very nice when I purchased several bras and perfume sets handing me a promotional tote bag that I didn't expect. Went to return some of the bras and she said I had to bring back the tote bag. Went home, checked my receipt and not only was I charged twice for one of the bras but it says right on the receipt: free tote with $75 purchase. The items I was keeping totaled more than $75. Called corporate and they confirmed I could keep the tote bag. Started a case with corporate and they advised me to go back to the store for the return.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Santa Ana, CA Went back and she said they didn't charge me twice even though I was short one bra and the same bar code twice on the receipt. Also I counted each item in bag. She shorted me once once again and refused to give me the original receipt telling me that I never gave it back to her. She conveniently finds it after I wouldn't leave without it. She refused to give me the tote bag. Victoria secret now owes me two bras and a tote bag!! Reported angela to the corporate office. Never in my like have I ever met a manager so I unprofessional and rude as her. Sad that she represents victoria's secret. Will never step foot in that store again!!

Jan 15, 2017

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