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Date : January 17 2015
Hello, first off i would like to say I am a frequent shopper at my local V.S. store, online as well. But today was not satisfactory at all. The manager of this particular store which I have included the address and phone number, the manager currently as of January 17 2015, belittled me and my daughter so badly. I never take the time to write complaints and dislike to, but I feel I have to for the sake of others. She harassed us about our time in store. I went outside twice to smoke a cigarette because my daughter likes to take her time and pick out exactly what she wants.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mandeville, LA The manager then rudely told me in a very sarcastic way "every time you go outside, we lose money", I asked her what do you mean and she looked at me like I was dumb. She shook her head and said "never mind", as if i was ignorant. All the other workers in the store looked down on us like we were trash, except Barbara, the most normal human being there. After telling Barbara who I was, the manager went in the back and stayed there awhile. I am a business man but would prefer to remain anonymous. When the manager found out who I was, she came out and treated us so kindly, like we were the best... I truly felt demoralized and judged on my appearance. I would like to say she should be replaced by someone more of the nature of a good nice human being. Thank you for your time.

Jan 17, 2015
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  • St
      Apr 07, 2015
    Victoria's Secret - Never received coupons
    Victoria's Secret
    Ft. Myers
    United States

    Was promised if I signed up for the credit card I would receive a book of coupons that would get me discounts and special deals. I signed up for the credit card was approved and then never received said coupons. When I informed the company I was told it wasn't their issue. Not very happy. Thank you.

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  • Su
      Apr 07, 2015

    this has been a common problem with me and Victoria's Secret. Manipulation of coupons and promotions with returns as well.

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