Victor Michael / Awful Service

England, Greater London, GB

I was actually made homeless for two weeks due to the incompetency of these Estate Agents! I was due to move out of our current house and had agreed to a moving date with Victor Michael. The night before we were due to move we got a call off a very disgruntled member of staff to say that they had already let the property and our paperwork got mislaid. I got given my deposits back but nothing was done to compensate or even help me, forcing me to sleep in hostels for two weeks until I found another property. I made a official complaint to their head office and have heard nothing back (this all happened about twelve months ago) I recently received a nasty phone call asking why we haven't paid our rent, and they slammed the phone down when i explained that we did not live at the mentioned property. There staff are a truly miserable bunch and the company have no morals!

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