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Vickie Hall just PUPPY MILL BREEDER this only why I do not want to give her replace to her MALE - female!
Please tell me why if somebody who is bought male from me want to make replace to female????
Because she want to breed her and make lot of money from pure little puppy.
She bought very healthy male from me and NOTHING wrong with him and she just email me and said
she want replace him to female for NO REASON!
How greedy she is, she keep bother me and sent me thousand letters every day, I tired of this nasty breeder!

Apr 18, 2013
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  • Vi
      Apr 19, 2013

    Olena are you kidding me Im a puppy Mill?????? Truth must hurt when I posted you stole 3800 dollars from me when I paid you for a puppy 3 years ago and still to this date I have not received a puppy replacement or my money back you sell 1000's of French Bulldogs and were selling English Bulldogs then you told my you quit doing the English because there is no market for them? Hmm who is the Puppy Mill? I have all our e-mails and conversations any one interested contact me I will gladly send you our conversations to show again what Im saying Olena Merrill from Champion Pups is only breeding for money and greed! She does not keep her word! She found out I posted about what she has done and e-mailed me and called me a B***h and said she will never give me my replacement not after I posted about her. Her comment above states Im a puppy Mill because I want a female puppy instead of a Male? Really! The puppy I got from her and had to send back because of Breathing Issues and skin problems, she has bred the parents again? Why would you breed then knowing they may produce puppies with issues? That is a puppy mill and all about MONEY!

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  • Vi
      Apr 19, 2013

    Oh and by the way Olena I have my letter from my vet as to why the puppy was returned to you it was NOT for No reason, I MESSAGED YOU BECAUSE YOU CONTINUOUSLY LIED TO ME ALL THE TIME ABOUT MY REPLACEMENT I ALSO HAVE THE E-MAIL WHERE YOU SAID I CAN EXCHANGE FOR BOY OR GIRL SO DONT ACT SUPRISED!

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  •   Apr 19, 2013

    Vickie if you know litter bit about english bulldog breed you will KNOW THEY HAVE VERY SENSITIVE SKIN!
    Why no one of my english bulldog have skin problem?
    You make him sick!
    You buy cheap food and do not give him right vitamins and not follow my recommendations!
    For all my 25 years breeding you just first who is have this problem, why's that?
    I know why!
    I am so glad Douser have the best home now and he very healthy!
    I also have two vet here in California to sign paper and second vet - vet of new owner of Douser and he have CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH!
    You just want replacement for female this way you will make more money-greedy woman!

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  • Vi
      Apr 19, 2013

    Olena if im such a puppy mill then you wont have any problem sending me back my $3800 I sent you for a puppy, That's if your not so money hungary and greedy and like to take peoples money! So if you don't want to send me my replacement puppy like you promised a million times over send me my money back!

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  •   Apr 20, 2013

    Vickie, I think all night about you and me and I talk to my family, they also agree with me why I need to replace for you female if you bought male?
    Can you give me answer for this question?
    Also, this female what you like RELATED for Douser, why you want the same blood line if you said i have "sick" puppies?:)

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  • Vi
      Apr 20, 2013

    Olena, you say its from same bloodline yet you have not shown me any proof and as always when you have a replacement puppy I like there is always a reason as to why I can have it for my replacement! and yes I know Bulldogs and Douzer had more than just sensitive skin he also had a breathing problem I told you what my vet said you agreed to take him back and replace him. YOU AGREED. IM Not going to argue facts are facts. Its funny you have other complaints so im not the only one who has had a problem with you! You agreed to make replacement for a female I have you e-mail Olena all of them so stop making excuses and refund my money whats the problem? And for your info I don't feed cheap food how would you know what I feed just another excuse to make you feel good about keeping my 3800 you owe me. That's funny you think I made him sick I had him maybe a week and sent him back to you. Im done waiting for 3 years for a replacement send me my money back and this will be over, Like I said why are you posting im a puppy Mill????? Because I want a female puppy?? That is ridiculous I want a puppy for the 3800 I sent you if you don't want to give me my replacement then SEND MY MONEY BACK! What gives you the right to keep someones money?? ANSWER THAT! You are posting about me and you know nothing you haven't bought from me but I made the mistake of buying from you because you are the one that is like a puppy mill ! And when you do sell and their is something wrong with a puppy you fail to do the right thing and just steal peoples money, look at the other complaints on you!

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  • Ju
      Apr 22, 2013

    I have a puppy from Vickie Hall. She sales healthy dogs, purebreds, was easy to work with. I was very happy with how professional and ethical she was. I don't know who this Olena thinks she is to make such a false statement, but I called Vickie and this woman sold her a dog not the other way around. Olena is a liar and this slanderous post should be removed. What is the point to a complaints board if people can post nothing but lies and are not required to present proof of their statements. I have know Vickie for several years now and will buy a puppy from her any day of the week!
    FYI, I'm a breeder and I have a multitude of breeder friends in the show world as well as rare and will make sure everyone knows just who this Olena, Championpups really is! It's been three years, refund VIckie's money or give her a replacement puppy. I am quite certain Vickie would much rather have her money back than one of you sick dogs. LMAO, I would LOVE to see your supposed degree in Veterinary Science!

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  • Wi
      May 03, 2013

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