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1 Dallas, TX, United States

I 0rdered a free sample of Vibrant Whitening using a promo code on I received the small sample and then a call from a marketing company attempting to enroll me in a trial. I declined and then noticed I was charged $88.97.

I couldnt even find the company without readind these posts. Axis Wellness Portal. Here is the response I received. I have disputed the charge with my Bank.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for following our return guidelines. Your RMA number is: [protected]

Please use this RMA number to send your most recent monthly installment back to us with delivery confirmation. Upon receipt of your package, we will electronically process a full refund for the unopened product.


Tony Slocum

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From: Sent: Aug 18, 2009 1:32:12 PM
Subject: VIBRANT WHITENING Complaints - Unexpected Card Charges

I have a similar situation and was charged $88.97. Please reverse this charge as well as any other future charges.
I like your product and may pursue but not at this time. I have yet to sample.

Please respond

VIBRANT WHITENING Complaints - Unexpected Card Charges

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Unexpected Card Charges
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Thinking it was a great idea, I checked out an offer from someone I did not know that said there were 2 great ways to very cheaply get your teeth whitened. Both of the offers were trials. Dazzle White was $1.95 for their trial and VIBRANT WHITENEING was $1.00. These were the full size product without all the thrills and you just filled out the form & ordered it.

I received both products and have had no concerns with Dazzle White at all. However, Vibrant Whitening managed to trick me into charging my account almost $100.00!!! When I saw the charge on my account for $88.97, I was in shock! I called them immediately, not believing or understanding what this could possibly be.

The rather surly girl on the phone, Betty, assured me that I'd agreed to some 'trial' that would charge me monthly if I did not cancel it in 15 days and I asured her that I had never, in any way, ever agreed to such a trial. She said it was in the 'fine print' and that I had already passed up my 15 days to cancel and thus, I was now being billed.

I insisted she cancel it IMMEDIATELY and she started being rude to me. I told her I would not put up with her attitude and she informed me I had to EMAIL the company to get a refund. I asked her why she could not process the credit right now on the phone & this is when she became beligerent and said she was not the 'billing department' and when I called the company, it never said it/she was the billing dept., etc. Oh, ugly. So, I now have to write an EMAIL to the company & 'assume' they will credit my money & she (Betty) said they will credit my account w/in 24-48 hrs. We'll see.

That wasn't enough. There was a $9.99 charge on my account that I did not recognize either. Different company, different phone number. I called it & Betty answered again. Oh boy, here we go! This company is AXIS WELLNESS PORTAL & is evidently affiliated with VIBRANT WHITENEING. The story on this one is that I did not 'un-check' some tiny box & therefore, I agreed to this monthly charge. bs

I asked Betty to cancel the AXIS WELLNESS PORTAL monthly charge, whatever it was & I was very nice to her this time because I'd been very angry on the other call & have learned that staying calm in these situations serves me very well.

I'm a teacher. I DO read the fine print. I'm VERY careful on offers like this. So, I find it hard to believe that someone else has not run into this problem. Therefore, this letter.

Hope you have better eyesight, read more carefully, and watch even more closely than I do to things like this. Best of luck to you!



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