VI Fitness Courtenay / Gym membership

Courtenay, BC, Canada

I've been a repeat customer of VI Fitness for a number of years. I signed a year contract in March 2015. Unfortunately my partner and I have just moved from BC and are in Ontario for the winter due to extenuating circumstance. When I approached VI Fitness to determine the cancelation policy, I was assured that there wouldnt be a problem to simply cancel my membership. All I had to do was bring them a copy of my change of address right before we left. So a few weeks later I went back to the gym with an official bank copy of my change of address, stamped and signed by my bank. Savanna the manager wasnt in so I left it with the front desk and assured them when I was back in town, I'd be getting another membership. I recieved a phone call from Savanna a few days later saying that VI Fitness would not be accepting my change of address. We went down there personally to speak with Savanna and left frustrated, confused and surprised at how difficult it was to cancel a membership that clearly states in their agreement that in the event of a move, cancelling is permitted. In anycase, we moved on December 1st and still had not heard from Savanna as to whether or not VI Fitness would be accepting my bank copy of the change of address after we had explained to her that it would be our only form of proof of our move until we recieved an actual letter at our new address which could have taken months. The next time we spoke to Savanna, we realized not only was the management at VI Fitness not helpfull, but that they hadnt even provided us the correct information the first time we inquired about the cancelation procedure. Instead of having the account closed, I had to wait an additional 30 days and pay for an extra month!!! Had Savanna explained that the first time I went in and asked her what I had to do to cancel, i would have started the process immediately. Instead I was told the owness was on my to double check the pink copy of my membership agreement to be aware of all their cancelation stipulations. I hadnt even used my membership in three or four months, and over the year had used it only a handful of times. What a scam. Ive been harassed by phone calls repeatedly by Savanna since we started this process and have been told that my membership will not be cancelled as I didnt sign a cancelation agreement with them and that I would have to continue paying for a membership I was geographically unable to use. In response to this idiocracy, I closed my bank account and had to open a new account to stop VI Fitness from automatically withdrawing their bi-weekly fees. I can not express enough my distaste and disgust with that business and their unprofessional manner in which they conduct business. The first time I went in to find out what I had to do to cancel my membership Savanna should have looked at my account, realized I had barely used the membership and hadnt at all in months, and told me to get my paperwork in asap. Not only that, they should have set it up to waive the last months fee knowing full well I wasnt even using the facility. Had they been helpful or AT LEAST honest, I would have left feeling like an appreciated customer and would have considered signing up for a new membership once we returned. Now, I have nothing good to say about any part of that business and after sharing my story, have heard countless others just like it. My advice is so stay away from VI Fitness. As it stands right now, my membership is still open and whatever charges I incur will be sent to collections. What an incompetent and poorly run business. Good luck VI Fitness, you'll never get another cent from me and I'll be sharing my horror story any and every chance I get.

Dec 21, 2015

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