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This is the worst gym EVER! I had a membership many years ago and had a hard time cancelling when I had to move out of town for work. Then I signed up again, am past the one year contract and now can go month to month and they are up to their old tricks. I phoned two months ago to cancel my membership because I no longer live in Courtenay and have a NEWBORN baby at home. They said all I had to do was send an email, they would charge me for one for month and then it would be cancelled. SHOCKER...they didn't cancel it. Talked to SARAH who told me that I can't cancel unless I come in person. I asked her why the previous person said it was OK...she said not her problem and eventually hung up on me after refusing to give me a way to contact head office. Does anyone have an email or phone number for their head office?

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  • Th
      Nov 16, 2012

    Forget the head office. Use CMRRR. Tell them the membership is cancelled as per your phone call of xx date with (name). That you expect the same to be honored upon receipt. Cancel your CC.
    Always cancel stuff with CMRRR even if you do it over the phone.

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  • Br
      Jul 15, 2013

    The exact thing happened to me there, after I fulfilled my one year contract I cancelled in person, then I moved and found out they were still billing my credit card. I called three times and complained and still they bill my credit card so I got a new credit card number and guess what... Ten months later they are billing my new credit card number. I have emailed them more times than I can count and still they bill me. The moral of this story is don't ever go to VI FITNESS IT IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER AND THEY ARE THIEVES !!!

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