VI Fitness CentresUnethical behaviour

I'm very disappointed with VI Fitness. Although the facilities and equipment are nice, it is clear from talking to the staff that they are not all about "making you feel welcomed and supported" as their website says, but rather 100% about roping you in for the money.
When I went to them the first time to ask about options for joining, instead of giving me straightforward answers about the different options, they refused to accept that it was not realistic (financially and lifestyle wise) for me to join with the 1 or 2 year membership. I tried to explain it to them, asking what the cost would be for a "pay as you go" membership and it took about 20 minutes to squeeze it out of them.
I also mentioned that I had seen a promotion on their website that was 20$ for 20 visits, but they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about unless I could bring it up on my phone. I didn't know my way around their website so I wasn't able to show it to them, and they wouldn't help me find it. I ended up paying a drop in fee because I was already there, but when I got home I found it in 2 seconds on the computer.
The next week I called them and asked if they would honor it if I brought in the promotion for the 20$ for 20 visits. They said that it would work and to come in any time.
So today I went in to use the promotion and they asked if I had been there before and I said yes, a couple weeks ago for the drop in, and they said that since I had been in the last year I wasn't allowed to use it. No one had mentioned any thing like this to me on the phone which makes me really mad because I am a University student studying for finals right now and I took a break from studying to go do some exercise, but ended up wasting valuable studying time because the VI fitness staff are not honest.
If VI fitness really cared about their clients they would not make everything about the money. If I have paid ONCE to go to the VI fitness gym and try it out, what is the reasoning behind not letting me use the 20 for 20 promotion? It definitely doesn't hurt them, they have a whole gym full of equipment that's mostly not even being used, and they would gain 20$ and possibly a new member.
I would never recommend VI fitness to anyone because of how money-oriented they are. It's really really sad to see these companies that care so much about money they will walk all over everything else that is important, including the environment (wasting a ton of electricity and energy with their facilities that turn away many people such as myself) and people.
It's really disgusting, and their claim that "At VI Fitness we aim to provide you with the support and encouragement you need to achieve your health and fitness goals! Whether it’s a membership option to fit your lifestyle, extended hours that work with your schedule or simply, a smiling face to greet you as you walk through the door, we have it all!" is completely false, manipulative advertising.

Apr 12, 2016

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