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I've been a member of the Nanaimo women's only since it opened. I started personal training in 2015. Signed up the training manager as she had experience wth people with injuries, etc. I have degenerative disc disease and couldn't do certain exercises. After the initial threw month program I chose to sign up for the longest term (18 months I think) to get the best rate and because I was determined to get healthy. I had been off for a couple months due to work commitment and when I went back in October the training was too aggressive for me and I knew I had injured myself. I saw my physiotherapist as I thought it was a pulled hamstring. Turns out I herniated my L5 disc and it is impinging on my S1 root nerve. I ended up in hospital. Have had cortisone epidural, can't work. Am seeing a neurosurgeon etc. My family dr sent a note saying I could not go the gym. I asked to suspend my training payments and my trainer tried to talk to "head office" and all they said was " I had signed a contract". I can't do this anymore. I'm paying for physio, accupuncture, pool therapy, am not working and am getting charges $200 every month till next spring for something I can't use, to no fault of my own. What ever happened to compassion, customer care, decency? If anyone can help with this I would really appreciate it. I would really hope that someone at head office has some compassion and will do what's right here.

Mar 04, 2016
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  • Cp
      Mar 10, 2016

    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out and voicing your feedback, as it's very important to me to be able to assist any members that are not satisfied, and unhappy with the service that was provided to them, so thank you for allowing us to assist with your situation! I believe Kendra (General Manager) had reached out to you on Tuesday to discuss more about your situation, and potential options. If you require anything further, please feel free to contact myself - thanks for your patience in this matter!

    Your in Health & Fitness

    Cassandra Phillips
    Regional Manager

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