VHB Life SciencesNon Payment


The company proclaims to be professional, but the strategy adopted by the this company is to Hire & Fire, so Guys beware before you Join this company.

The hire from Recruitment Agencies and Remove a Candidate on the Maturity of their Payments Terms. Another good Strategy is take CV's from Agencies and put up the Position on Hold and directly coordinate with the Company.

The company doesnt let you you inside their office. Heights of Humiliation. The great Mr Murli Krishna Menon & Mr Nagendra Iyer are always busy ...

The company ius highly unprofessional, so people beware, not a good company to invest in or work with...

Infact i plan to even complaint to the Placement CELL.
To make the other consultants aware and put this up on job portals, this i am sure would lead to their downfall...

Mr Menon & Mr Iyer ... this is for you.

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