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If you want Veterans information, do not go near this web-site or sign-up for their daily diatribes about the pro-Islamic plight, justifying or even advocating anti-American organizations, and probably the most anti-Semitic bunch of crap you will ever read. The main culprits are Islam infatuated lead writers Gordon and Debbie who parrot information found on the most pro-Jahadist web-pages. There is nothing Veteran useful on this newsletter who ran a lead story on 9/11/10 a decade after the tragedy of the WTC “Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War” 90% crap/speculation or fabrication, not a single note about their Islamo-fascists buddies involvement in that disaster., or very Vet useful junk like their next down story “Suspected Corpse of Imam Moussa Sadr Found (Among 3715 Others)” Very helpful news every Vet needs to know! Veterans are no longer fighting wars (except maybe to stay above poverty level or get reasonable heath care) no longer the active duty super-troops we were once were, so one more dead terrorist who they call Imam a term for a so called holy man shows what, respect for a hate-monger and possible terrorist leader. That is about as relevant to a 60+ y/o Vet as Viagra discount coupons for an Agent Orange Vet dying on a cancer ward! It would be prudent if the FBI or Dept of Homeland Security looked at their computers, records, sim-cards, their contacts and maybe found out that their contacts are some of the most wanted ### in terror networks. Their articles are translations of al-Q properganda web-sites or pro-HAMAS/PLO Al Jazerra feeds, they hang out in offices at 315 E. San Ysidro Blvd., #300 C-304 | San Ysidro | CA | 92173, may be a great idea to put their 2 lead hug-a-Muj lovers on a no-fly/watch-list! If you want Jew-bashing this is a site for you! If you want to get useful information about post service life then get it from the American Legion, the DAV, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or any number of legitimate sources that don't fill their online daily newsletters with vilifying Israel insinuating that the world would have been a better place if Hitler had fished the job! STAY AWAY! Neo-Nazis (non-Vets) this site is for you!

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  1st of Mar, 2012
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The ### got fired from Genivar for this ### and other anti-Semitic stuff she posted online.
Damn rats.

  12th of Dec, 2015
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This piece of typical jewish fear and reaction to an internet is site that actually, in fact, presents the everyday news, not propaganda or prejudicedly made news by CIA and jewish controlled media.
The importance of this jewish fear and prejudice is that it shows the fear they have of actual news events in the Near East; and their successful efforts to block it out.
Anything that portrays the jews truthfully is automatically branded as "prejudice" and their success at blocking truthful news and truthful news reporting has cost the Americans and unsucesful war in Afghanistan and Iraq, countless innocent lies and a trillion in dollars.

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