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Veterans Support Organization is a bogus 501(c)(3) "non-Profit" which rakes in huge revenue and but spends next to nothing on actual veterans' services. It solicits donations through paid personnel, some of whom allegedly never served in the military, at malls and other locations across the country. It claims fake uniforms etc. as part of its program expense but does little of substance, spending only about 15% of its income on programs. It purports to publish the results of an "independent audit" on its website. In fact it does not.

Instead one finds a mere two page summary without details which is worthless. Presumably if the audit was conducted according to generally accepted accounting principals AND it supported the assertion that 65% of the gross revenue of $2.5m+ received in fiscal year 2009 was actual spent on veterans' programs same would be supplied for anyone to read. The fact that it is not is inherently suspect. Beware of this organization and be aware that the fact that a corporation is a "non-profit" does not mean that it is truly a charity.

M.E. Brown

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      28th of Jun, 2013

    I've been lucky enough to be given a job by VSO. I was on the brink of losing my house because no one wanted a Vet with PTSD working for them. But after sitting down with the Founder of VSO, I explained that I was a disabled veteran who had mental and physical injuries that kept me from normal employment. He and his staff welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to provide for my wife and child. I have seen how hard uneducated individuals try to bash the name of VSO through opinions.

    "well I looked you up on the interned and saw an article stating you were a fraud."
    Ha, well congratulations on looking at an outdated article and having a journalist make up your mind. I promise you, If you research VSO that you will find bad press. But look at the dates, and ask some damn questions. I cannot find a current article bashing VSO, the closest is from over a year ago (and the problems pointed out have been fixed and SOPs have been put in place to make sure they never happen again.)

    Ask yourself this: If the Veterans Support Organization was a fraudulent non-profit, then how would we be in business for over 10 years, why would over 50 VAs rave about how we help their local veterans though donations, why would the IRS (as of a 2012 Audit) say that we passed with flying colors and should keep on doing what we are doing, how were we able to give over 400 veterans jobs in 2012, how are we able to house nearly 150 HOMELESS VETERANS.?

    Too many people are not taking the time to ask the right questions, . We give 70% of the money we raise to our IN HOUSE PROGRAMS. we house veterans, we give them jobs as a stepping stone for better opportunities, we hove item/gift card donations to the VA and even have a grant program for vets in need. I have seen first hand how VSO helps veterans. I would have lost my home marriage and possibly my life if not given the opportunity to better myself.

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