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Veterans Admin Health Facility / Conduct

1 Aus Cedar Park, TX, United States Review updated:

My spouse is a disabled veteran, when he goes to the va, out patient clinics for health care, the ### that work there belittle him, and talk down to him, they have NO respect for ANY of the Veterans, this includes staff members, receptionists, and some doctors, If these ### don't like their jobs they should QUIT, , I intend to go with him in the future to some of his appts, just to see what their conduct is like for myself, I hope they talk to me the way they talk to him, , Veterans served this country and their needs are patheticaly handled when they return home, , there is NO appreciation for their service, and NO sympathy for their health issues, all of these ### working at these clinic's need to be fired, , that includes anybody that does not know how to communicate respectfully, I have had it with them, and I wii be complaining my ### off to all of their superiors, everytime he goes in the future!!

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  • Ev
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    My husband served in the US Navy for 8 years until he got a medical discharge having epilepsy. The VA medical center in Hampton, VA has people working there that do not care about our veterans. My husband served his country well with such dedication. I strongly feel that our system needs major work. There's too much red tape, so many unnecessary.
    Recently, my husband passed away on May 19, 2009. Dying of melanoma cancer. He was diagnosed August of 2007. We went to the VA medical center in Hampton for the beginning of his treatments. It took me many phone calls and hours to get him an appointment and it wasn't soon enough. We got an appointment in September. He had to be seen by a primary care doctor before being seen by an oncologist. Shortly thereafter, he had a big chunk of left thigh surgically removed, being malignant. His surgeon did follow up during the healing of the wound. It wasn't until March of 2008 before his next surgery in his groin area, removing 12 lymphnodes (5 of which was malignant). About 2-3 months later the VA medical center scheduled an appoinhtment for him to see Oncology for Inteferon Alpha treatments.
    I tried from the beginning of this ordeal to get him approved for fee basis ( to be approved to see civilian physicians). I was told many, many times that only his primary care doctor can do it. I finally got approval on July 2008 thru October 15, 2008. We went to see another Oncologist in our area and was told that it was too late for the Inteferon treatment, that his melanoma was past that stage. The doctor wanted to know why he had not been on any chemo or radiation treatment already.
    My husband went through numerous appointments and treatments here and UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia. We did go the VA medical center from time to time and all they did was see him and prescribe pain medications. We were left with no choice but to see outside help. Granted my husband 's melanoma was going to shorten his life, but he could have lived longer if the VA medical center had been more efficient and caring. I miss my husband now and forever. I feel that the VA never gave him much of chance to live longer. OUR AMERICAN VETERANS deserve better than what they have been getting. Our system needs to change for the better. I pray that what happened to us doesn't happen to anyone else.

  • Ra
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    I don't have a relative who has had to use the VA, however, in St. Petersburg Florida, I used to transport my neighbor who did not drive at the time to his appointments. From what I heard from him (a vietnam vet) was that his psychiatrist (female) on staff was very kind and helpful. However, he had a surgery they said was medically necessary because his eyebrows/lids drooped - and a femaie md on staff there totally botched this surgery. he has horrible scars from what was a plastic surgery routine procedure - at least it is outside of the va system. this is physically visible. however, he also indicated he had a back surgery or procedure that was not conducted correctly either - and left him in more pain than previous of course, i cannot see the "pain" of his back surgery as I can see the scars of the eyebrow/lid lift, so I can only believe what he says about it.
    additionally, my husband, a non-american who works for a medical company that supplies equipment to the various va hospitals, is absolutely shocked at the level of cleanliness of the facilities he has seen - as well as the attitudes of the personnel with whom he must interact. i think that speaks volumes that he-being a foreigner- can be shocked by the conditions in which and how we treat those who have served our country and made it a place that people from all over the world- like my husband - sacrificed to come here. what a sad statement it is - especially considering the new young servicemen/women from iraq, etc., who will inundate this already, apparently overwhelmed and underfunded medical system. and obama talks about govermental healthcare.
    i want everyone to have access to healthcare - but not through a system that serves the va as it's only organized healthcare system.

  • Ed
      31st of Dec, 2009
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    I'm writing to you to discuss an issue which continues to grow among African American Veterans Hospital and Clinic civilian employees. I have spoken to a number of veterans on the internet and in Veterans Hospitals and Clinics, who have experienced what I have. These veterans range from Desert Storm to WWII. Some African American veterans have witnessed abuse against white veterans. Examples of abuse are rude communication and long delays of service from civilian employees. My experiences began in Baltimore VA Hospital. I arrived 9:00 am for a blood test. I was not familiar with the VA system so I allowed to be neglected for hours. I noticed over 95% of the employees were African American. I started to encounter rude responses after 5 hours of waiting. After 8 hours I began screaming "what the hell is going on here". A young African American technician brought me into a room and took my blood sample and explained there are things she preferred not to discuss but my observation and experience had some truth to it. Her meaning was clear about her co-workers practice of being prejudice. The result of these practices, are white veterans have to wait a long time.
    I'm certain your reaction to this communication is I don't wish to be involved or perhaps I am exaggerating the facts. Not true. My wife and I left our house to go on vacation December 26. I discovered I failed to pack my insulin. We arrived at Hampton VA at 10:00 am to request replacement. The room had 4 African American patients waiting. The staff and Doctor are all African Americans in the emergency room with 2 white employees. Throughout a nine hour wait, over 40 African American patients were processed and 5 white patients remained. Some were there for 5 hours. Patients who processed through and those who remain clearly saw the abuse. A white female arrived in the emergency room, approached me and said, "I will process you out in a few minutes". She said it such a way as to acknowledge problems in her working environment.
    I am asking for you to convey this information and to help stop this atrocity we apparently have growing throughout the VA system. Perhaps these abuses are caused by too many African Americans servicing veterans creating animosity. I've experienced a different atmosphere where there were more white employees.

    Edward J. Taylor

  • Ma
      19th of May, 2010
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    I only got as far as the first complaint. I am a Veteran and I agree this is all sad. Why is it that we have to continue to fight after weve been made disabled by the military. My question right now is who can i file a complaint with were it won't get barried. I am so sick and tired of the damn run around. Help please!

  • Lo
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    Why is it that Veterans do not get the care that they deserve when they are in a Veterans Home? My uncle is in one and they could care less about them. He had his leg removed above the knee a couple of weeks ago and they have not once tried to give him therepy. He also has a hard time feeding himself but no one on staff tries to help. They bring his tray of food in and just leaves it. If a family member is not in the room at the time, he does not eat. When the staff comes to pick up the tray they never ask him if he needed help. How can we get help for our family members?

  • Sh
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    I am very saddened to hear the above complaints. My mother is a veteran as well as my father, grandfather, aunt and uncle and all have had wonderful medical care frm the VA in Memphis TN. When my mom had to have bypass surgery in 2009 and there were complications the staff went above and beyond to save her life and care for her afterwards. I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having and hope you find the solutions you are looking for. I would like to recommend the VA in memphis as they are more than a hospital but a group of caring individuals who love the military and the families who support those who have served. My hat is off to the VA.

  • Ss
      16th of Jan, 2011
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    I am a service connected vet, I was retired for medical issues in 1986 stating I should not drive, operate machinery or work around others that would pose danger. I have meniere syndrome, severe hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus. I was given 30% and continued trying to work. In 2004 after my condition got worse, I applied for a higher percentage. After 6 months I got a call from DAV offering me an increase to 60% which was stated that if in 1986 it had been combined I would have got 60%. To my surprise DAV told me that the VA would not address the health issues that had developed from the meniere's or back pay, except from the past six months I had waited. I had lost everything by then had to file bankruptcy and took a ob making a third of what I had been making.

    I continued trying to be a productive citizen working, surviving and getting sicker. Finally in 2010 my doctor took me off work for my
    service connected disease. I can tell you the VA has done nothing or DAV to expedite or help me survive. Because I am medically disqualified for working at my usual occupation, I do not qualify for unemployment or any other assistance. The Memphis VA does not care. I even had to go back to a CP exam and the doctor thought I was there for the first time, spent five minutes with me and said she would send her opinion in. I can only hope that something will happen soon. The Air Force Aid society helped, but soon I will be just another homeless vet. Yes I contacted DAV, VA, Memphis VA Director(a waste of time). I can only say that I feel for the Vets coming home now, thinking they will get the help that was promised and deserved. In my living will I ask not to ever be placed in a VA Hospital.

  • Sh
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    Please note: my reference is only to the hospital and staff in memphis ONLY . Both my mother and grandfather, whose doctors are at the va medical in memphis are the only people I have had experience with and they have done a great job with both of my family members. I know nothing about the dav, unemployment or qualifying for services. I just know they saved my mom, have always been complete and proffesional with both my mom and grandfather and have given quality care.

  • Ma
      26th of Feb, 2011
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    You go girl. I am Nam vet also tired of taking their crap. I have had chest an back pain constant for almost 7 weels now. I have gone to the Lebanon ER 3 times since my PCP can't see me till March 9th.
    I was tokd not to keep coming back as they can't keep taking the same tests over. They gave me some vicadin pain pills which do nothing for the pain. Every hr seems like a day passing to me.

  • Su
      5th of May, 2011
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    My husband goes to the VA and I dread it everytime because when he goes they make the situation worse. He went in for an ear infection and they misdiagnosed it for 6 months and it deteriorated his ear drum. He had a seizure due to them prescribing him meds that they knew counteracted his seizure med and now we have hospital bills that they are denying. He went in to have a colonoscopy (routine check up) and they didn't use any pain killer and had to do the procedure twice due to faulty equipment and they ended up proforating his colon. They called the ambulance to take him to a local hospital (we don't have a VA hospital) to have emergency surgery, and I've had to fight them to pay the 181, 000 hospital bill. I did write a letters to our senator and congressman and they DID respond saying that they receive so many letters that it is on their priority list to take care of our Vets.

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