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In January I bought a black leather top for my dog. When I came home to Slovenia I noticed that the fit of top is totally off. The leg holes are too much together and my dog can not even walk even if I open the zipper. I send them a e-mail on the same day. Lather I calIed at least 10 times on my expenses and send them a numerous e-mails on their 2 e-mails addresses. I did not get any reply. When I finally got the store owner she said that they do not except returns and that I should take another item. I looked online and I do not like any of the other items. By the way if you check their site there is just a few items. I also did not like any other items from the store. But even if I did the fit would be probably off again. I have a Boston Terrier dog who has just 10kg and normally I do not have any problem with top fits.They probably make just Chivava tops and make them larger :-(
In February I send them top back by post and ask them again for the money refund. No answer again. I spend 2 weeks in hospital and called them when I got out. The shop owner refused to return my money and told me that this is their shop policy. Is this possible in EU??? In my country every store has to return the money if you do not wish to take other products. They wont to make a custom fit top, but I do not wont it anymore due to their bad cooperation. Please advise to where I can turn for a help due to the fact that I am from another EU country. Thank you very much for your help!
Kind regards,

Nastja Cernos


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