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People need to educate themselves on the collection laws and do something about it. I am finally fed and seeking legal council to go after them. I have never been late and I still get harassed. They call everyone that I put on my reference list, they show up to my home and leave unsealed envelopes at my front door, they lie about who you are speaking to, no one there is a supervisor, even if you call their corporate offices they still transfer you to whom had you on the phone last, they call repeatedly even if you tell them that you are at work and will call them back after your off. These people are despicable the way that they treat people who don't have the best of credit. PEOPLE, smarten up, this is not legal collection practices and you have rights as a consumer even with not so good credit and late payments. Stand up and DON'T ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN ANYMORE. Attorneys will take this on as a contingent basis, meaning you don't pay anything for them to represent and they get a cut of what you win in court. These people need to understand that they cannot do business their way. Laws protect us against harassment like this. Stand up for yourselves and call an attorney. I DID FINALLY!!!

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