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Verizon Telephone / verizon phone trouble

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Lets see, where to begin the stupidity in this company is amazing, I think the beginning is a great place. July 2004 I sign up for Verizon phone service, they send a tech out after I tell them the house has never had phone service. But I installed the required 1.5" conduit to the corner of the property per your service planner. I am assured that they know more about this than I do and the tech will take care of it. I said ok, thank you. August the tech shows up and says "gee wow you don't have any cable running to your house" I replied that I made your company aware of that. So I am informed that this work order will be sent to the buried cable people. So two more weeks later another tech shows up to connect the non existent cable, and tells me the same thing, "we need to refer this to the buried cable department" At this point I get on the phone, and am told I already have phone service and the techs both closed out their work orders. I said funny I don't have any phone service “well we can send out another tech" this stupid game went on until November. At that point after who knows how many calls they send out their local sub contractor who butchers the pedestal install, (I'll explain the butchering part) but gets me phone service. Then the rains come, and guess what you call Verizon and they say “Well the problem must be in your cable" I told them no, new house, new cable, new service cable from the house to the pad. " Well we'll send a tech out". The soonest he can be there is about 2 weeks, as they had lots of rain problems. So 2 weeks later it dries out a little, and of all people to show up but a good friend of my father who is a Verizon employee. He tests all the available pairs, and determines that very few are good and puts my 3 business lines on the best ones, and tells me to hope for the best but keep the Verizon 800 number handy. Well it rains, and rains, and I call, and the techs come and they say " yup there is a problem with the pad that was cut in " I reply really, you guys leaving it in a hole in the ground this past summer for 3 months might have caused that issue, and they laugh, and tell me that Buried cable will get to the bottom of this. And it rains, and I call, and they send more and more techs out. So now after well nearly 4 years and Verizon calling dig alert 3 times to locate all the buried utilities but never doing any excavation, It's starting to rain. But don't worry, they claim that someone from buried cable would call me and if I like they can send another tech out to look at the problem. Today I asked the woman is it something personal with me? Or do you provide this level of poor quality service to everyone? She didn't have an answer; I questioned her about where all the $50.00 credits that they promised me went to. The promise consisted of " well sir we'll give you a $50.00 credit for you lack of service but you wont' see it for a month or two on your bill. Well they never made it onto my bill. So like most things today the only thing people understand is stopping your business with a company. Hit them where it makes the biggest difference, in refusing to use them for a service provider. This presents some serious challenges to a small business, but Time Warner and I are working that out. I asked the Verizon rep to make sure I get a call from the Buried cable people by tomorrow, or I would end service. Funny, I'll have to make the call from my cell phone, as by then the ground will be nice and wet, and we'll be without phone service.

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  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2012
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    This complaint is against Verizon phone service, I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income and so I ordered a package deal from this company for $59.99 a month. local, long distance and internet included but every month my bill is way over $100 sometimes almost $200 I can not afford it. So I tried to lower my bill by taking off some features most of which I did not order but one I did order wire maintenance and they advised me not to take it off after having service with them for six months two weeks after i took off wire maintenance my service was interrupted and they said something is wrong with my equipment not with there service oh that seems so FUNNY. My son went out and brought me a new phone and for one week I still have no dial tone, I am house bound and it is not safe for me to have no service. So now I have to pay a large service fee for them to come check it out. SO DIRTY VERIZON

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