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Verizon Fios / bad service!

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Posted: 2008-02-11 by Elizabeth Schack [send email]
Unfulfilled commitments!

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On Feb. 4, two installers came to my home to install FIOS TV, phone and Internet service. They told me they would be working outside for a few hours before coming in to make connections, etc. After a while, I noticed there had been no sounds of activity anyplace. I also noticed the absence of my indoor pet. I went to the basement to check where the men had last been working. They were gone, with my basement door and garage door left wide open to the outdoors. I looked for their truck in back of our house and in front as well, but the truck was gone too. However, I did see my indoor pet outside at the edge of our property. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve him, avoiding a heartbreaking disaster, before he reached the nearby highway. When the men returned, they said they had gone to lunch. Common courtesy would be to tell me and to at least shut the doors behind them. They continued their “installation” , spending the next 1 ½ hours in their truck. When they finally came back inside, they began to connect the TV, DVD player, and the new STB box. They told me that my TV was broken and that the DVD player could not be connected; they said there was “no audio”. They told me I would need to disconnect the wires from the box and transfer them onto the DVD player in order to ever view a DVD. I asked them how this could be, when everything worked fine the night before. They told me to get the TV repaired, or get a new one. I asked them to please try again-maybe it was their wires. They said their wires were just fine, and folded them up and took them away. They used my old red, white, and yellow wires to connect the new box to the TV. I asked them for help setting up my Outlook e-mail and for the phone number for the voice messaging system. They told me they could not help and to call the toll free number. There was no paperwork for me to review or to sign off on, and they left, taking the new wires with them.
Although I waited on hold for one hour that evening and I was given the wrong voicemail phone number, these issues were resolved that evening, for the most part.

The following day, I called to see about the cables the installers had taken away, thinking I might need them if I got the TV repaired, or when I received my new free Fios TV from Verizon. I spoke to Nick Massi, who transferred me to a Ms. Tolliver, who transferred me to Cassandra. Cassandra assured me that, based on the ticket written by Nick, a field supervisor would be contacting me to come out and review the work done. No one contacted me that day or the next.

I was able to connect all three devices, TV, DVD player, and STB box together so that they worked. The problem now was that the DVD only played in black and white- no color. By Wednesday, Feb. 6, there was still no call. I called again and spoke to Michelle. She assured me repeatedly that the field supervisor would absolutely be calling me by 10 AM the next day. By 11 AM the next day, Feb. 7, the only call I got was one regarding voicemail, stating the problem seemed to be fixed. The repair person who left this message said there was no alternate number at which to reach me, even though I had given my cell phone number three times. However, there was still no call from the supervisor and no cables from Verizon. I called and spoke to Maggie. She had me hold while she was on hold waiting for a supervisor in DRC. We both were on hold for 35 minutes. She came back on to say she would connect me with her supervisor, Scott R. Scott told me he’d call me back in 30 minutes or less, while he contacted DRC. After 45 minutes, he called to tell me that a field supervisor would definitely contact me in the next “couple of hours”. This was at 12:43 PM. Scott had told me I’d be able to reach him at the toll free number by just asking for Scott R. By 11 AM the next day, Feb. 8, when there was still no call, I tried to reach Scott and nobody had heard of him. I spoke to Andrew. He checked and told me a field tech would be calling me and coming here in one hour. This time the tech Dan Bartkowicz, KO1, did call, but did not have the cables on his truck, nor was he familiar with video. He said he’d call me back. After waiting 30 minutes, I called him back and he said maybe a different tech would get this assignment and he was waiting to hear. At that point, I insisted to be connected to the field supervisor. He had me hold on again. When he came back on, he told me that he and another tech would be over in a few minutes. Brian May, OD3, was the other tech. They brought in the same wires the first installers took away, and connected everything successfully in minutes, including color on the DVD player. These two techs were gracious and knowledgeable and should be commended for their quick response and customer service. They were patient and asked me more than once of I had any other questions.

I realize this letter may take a while to read, as it took me a while to write. Each time I phoned Verizon, the wait time was long and each time I had to repeat this whole story. The experience was horrendous!
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      2nd of May, 2008
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    ALSO!!! I was assured that if I get FIOS then I still can use my copper-wired phone line. The fiber optic cannot go through the conduit that protects the phone line from damage by a possible burglar. Guess what..Whoop-Dee Doo! Now I can only get DSL tech support. That's in India. I was specifically told that I would get USA tech help with FIOS. That is the primary reason that I switched. Tierd of out sourcing to untrained personel that do not peak english. DSL cannot assis with FIOS. Therefore NO TECH SUPPORT. The FIOS is slower than my former DSL. Now I have all my emils listed at Hopeless situation.

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