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Verizon / Dsl Broadband / terrible experience!

1 2130 BroadwayNew York, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 212-787-1100

I have been with Verizon since 1999. When It started out, it was fine. Two, three years later it wasn't fine, but was usable.
However, in the last six months, their service and customer service (I use the term very loosely) has deteriorated to such a point that I sometimes long for dial-up. It was explained to me that I needed a new modem. One was sent in October; it lasted three months. Tonight, while trying to re-set the modem, passwords, etc., it died.

Latency is just part of the problem. I have watched e-mail messages on their server through Mail Washer completely disappear. One such was an invitation to participate in a focus group that could have paid as much as $300. I was NOT pleased!

When I call "tech support," I am almost always routed to India, where someone reads from a script and cannot answer nine tenths of the questions I ask... or even fully understand them. One patronizing little @#$! I spoke to tonight asked how old I was and said "you do very well for someone in your age group." I thanked him and said perhaps that's because I received CompTia A+ certification seven years ago and overall, have nearly fifteen years working with PC's. Older does NOT mean stupid. Now, here's the punchline:

I am writing this on a connection that technically, does not exist. I pulled the old DSL modem out of the drawer, did not change the password (I can't) and I'm getting the best speed I've gotten in months! I imagine someone from sysops will close it down. By then, I hope to be with cable... what I SHOULD have done in the first place.

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