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I April was filled out application for a new apartment, up umtil then I recieved nothing from Verzion, until I got your letter for collection.I was unaware I owed anything, because When I ordered the service that is when the problems first started.I was having problems since day one.I ordered of the internet and called to confirm the date n time they were cominig out and they told me that didn't go through because of phone.Ordering of the net. was supposed to save a certain amount of money over the yr. contract.They managed to fix the phone with a lot of problems on their end, after they fixed it, they forgot to hook it back up, so I went without a phone for a whole buisness day.That finially got fixed.That was not the main problem though.The DVR box was replaced about 7 times, I had charges for movies that tech support addmitted that these were never ordered from any of our swapped boxes, their exclamtion was it was charged to us on a ghost box, I told that to another rep. n they laughed stating there was no such thing.I still stayed with verizion and payed for services that were not rendered, nor was the problem with the T.V. ever fixed until Febuary when I had had enough.They wanted to solve it by giving us credit on our bill, but not fixing the problem that was ongoing fro the day we had it installed.We were calling at least once a wek, probaly more though.Our T.V. was going black n white on a regular babsis, and we would experience criptic looking letters on the bottom of the screen.We were told plenty of times that a tech would be out and no one would ever show, we lost alot of work days trying to accomidate them on several occasion.During this time this package was advertised at 99.00 and our bill was never under 150.00.I was paying for a service that the whole time as a customer was not recieving, then they still send me promos to switch and never saying I owed them anything.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Phoenixville, PAI had talked to a manager and they also agreeded that this was one of thier worst cases they have ever delt with.Even their techs that came out told us to change carriers and threaten verzion with calling the PUC.I did not though because I was told I was not gonna be charged a early cancellation fee because their breach in contract.They couldn't hold up their end of contract so why should I have to pay them any more than what I payed for services I never recived during the whole time I used them as my carrier.My last bill in Febuary of 2008 was50.99 and they are stating I owe them 358.47 when I ccalled to find out what they were cvharging me for they replied that theyu were taking off the gredits they applied, which makes no sense.They never fixed the problem.I might owe them for what worked which is the phone and internet, but not the T.V. and what gets me the most is that they had equitment here telling us it was our job to uninstall, actually one rep said to throw it away.Thank God we didn't or else they would have tried to charge us for that also!I will not dispute my last bil of 50.99, and that is being nice even though I should go after them civily for all the loss in work and time it took to get them on phone for them not to fix anything.They also did two master rests without letting us know which almost caused our surround system to blow.Now this our version, I called to see if they could print out our problems and all the times we called and they were un helpful as usual.Like I said upon cancellation I was told I owe them nothing or no early termination fee because they couldn't n wouldn't fix the problem.Out of three services only two worked, the fios t.v. never fully worked and they caused a lot of pain n suffering as well as time loss from our jobs! I hope u call them and you will be able to find out how many complaints and how often we were complaining.My next step is to report them to PUC.
April Zaplitny

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      Jun 18, 2009

    I just wrote my complaint which you asked me to write a dispute letter, my name is April Zaplitny, I didn't see an edit button because I spelled a couple words wrong, I hope u can understand what I was trying to spell!Thank You and if this is not what you wanted me to do, then please let me know what I have to do to dispute their claim!
    again thank you

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  •   Jul 19, 2009

    1. Line breaks are your friend. Learn to use them... and paragraphs.

    2. File a FORMAL complaint with the "public utilities commission"

    3. built in spell check:

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