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Hi - I've read the complaints about Veritus Funding and I have to counter that we've had a great experience with this company. They really know their loan modification and are completely above board. In fact, they're one of the few companies that have been approved by the state of California to do loan modifications. I know this really isn't a "complaint" but I just want to say how great they've been. Thanks!

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  • He
      Feb 03, 2009

    I just want to say to the person commenting that Veritus funding is great! Ok you had your loan modified meaning you could not commit to the first loan you signed for your home. So the fee Veritus got for doing your paperwork meant nothing to you as long as they saved you money on your new loan. Did you even see the ridiculous fees they added in there? The people that are complaining are the people that just want to reduce their interest rates and Veritus claims they can help them. I am concerned for how many people go through them not looking at the math and got ripped off! Go to a Lender people, they are a broker and they take your info and shop the loan for you taking too much in fees! I am just trying to get the word out. This happened to us! They sent a piece of mail claiming they could get us a VA interest reduction at 4.5% and they come here and say it is 5% plus their mailing doesn't even have Veritus on it

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  • Tr
      Feb 27, 2009

    And I just want to add that the person who said they had a great modification experience is one of the owners of Veritus himself...and I saw him write it while I worked trust me...from an ex insider----it is all a scam!!

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  • Re
      Jun 25, 2009

    Veritus is a reputable company that genuinely helps those that qualify. No qualify - No pay. Those of you who can do what they do yourself - Great. Most people cant and do not have the know how to do it right. If you mess up even one line of your mod application, you lost your chance. As with many things, they are better left to professionals.

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  • Ve
      Nov 02, 2009

    To the person saying that Veritus Funding is great? doing a great loan modification? either you are working for Veritus? paid by veritus? or high on drugs! Veritus Funding is the worst company I've got involved with, they deceitfully offer me a loan modification, got money from me but NEVER do anything. They never call, never update, they just slipped away. They won't respond to calls. They are the biggest FRAUD. Beware and run away from this company or they will cheat you with your money!

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