Vericredit / Medical already paid

I am at my wits end with Vericredit. For nearly a year I have repeatedly faxed proof of payments yet I am still receiving calls and sms's!! No matter how many times I tell them this account has been settled it just does not sink in!! I'm really fed up and sick and tired of receiving their calls and their sms's. I will not even speak to them anymore. If I am holding receipts, together with a statement that shows a NIL balance what does that tell you?? Their statement dated 07/12/2012 shows a balance owing of R475.60 which was paid on the 13/01/2012. I asked for a statement showing the payment. Balance owing: NIL! The last sms received was on 26/10/2012 giving me 72 hours to settle!! I have no idea what amount they are looking for; I have not, in over a year, received a statement or invoice. What I have is what I asked for when paying the account!! I have no had another x-ray since 11/2011! How do I handle this - put an end to this harassment once and for all?

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