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I don't mean to complain, but I am a struggling family man with little kids and a dream I'm trying to hold onto. In the beginning of 2009 I contacted then CIT group about a loan mod to help us out in a struggling economy. I have had numerous hospitilizations and loss of work.We were approved and we were told our 1800 monthly payment would be reduced significantly. we were sent notification our payment would be 900- low 1000's. when it was all said and done it was raised to a mere 100 less than before. The loan modifcation ws for naught. I read everywhere where people are being scammed in the loan mod process as if to give the appearcne to help people. WE really believed this was our chance to succeed and it wasn't. I am currently on FMLA or family medical leave until 9/1/09. We are months behind because we like many other americans are not being helped as promised or advertised.People need real help not false promises with hidden agendas.

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