venture pet delivery agency / watch out

1 CA, United States

WATCH OUT!!! Thank God for other writing in on these blogs @pet scams! I was almost taken for $480.00USD for delivery of "2 yorkie pups" I was so ready to adopt these pups, as were my kids. I answered the ?? & gave my info--which I never do online--for whatever reason I did this time, I am only so grateful that something stopped me from paying the $$$$ I found the add in a local internet ad -same name involved as the othr complaint on this site oct2010. "fabiola" from Sacramento, CA
moved to CA for work &needed a loving home for the puppies. Being the animal lover that I am I was blinded by ignorance!
The voice of reason should of kicked in when I thought to myself-"I cannot believe this deal I am getting" the old adage-if its to good to be true it probaly isnt true -totally passed me by! Someone was watchin out for me & had this "bag of brains" scammer email me & tell me that just went to the agency @what would of been @2-3:00 am in CA!! duh?!!
Well, hope this helps someone like all these other posts helped me!!--THANKS ALL FOR SHARING YOUR STORIES!!

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