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Venacura / Hooked, Tricked

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I ordered a four month supply of Venacura with a promise of free shipping. When filling out the billing information I find that the free shipping is in the form of an e-mail rebate. Also, I find myself being tricked into a 14 day free trial of info from Wellness Watchers.

My Venacura product came but no rebate or info ever showed up. The first thing to show was this $59.00 charge from Wellness Watchers MD 2 on my credit card. It was after this that I found the info in the e-mail spam folder. That should tell you something right there.

I called the [protected] and after several minutes of explaining that I never got it, didn't want it and wanted my money back, she agreed to e-mail a form to fill out. She said I would only get back $50.00 because of a $9.00 processing fee.

I filled out the form and at the bottom it had boxes to check for requested amounts of $25 or $5o. I made my own box an requested $59. I also sent copies of the complaints board forum plus another one. They very promptly refunded my full $59.

I also e-mailed Venacura expressing my dislike of there tactics and that I would not be ordering from them again on that account. I quickly received an apology with a refund of my shipping.

We can't let these jerks get by with this.
Good luck

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  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    I also ordered this Venacura and ended up with double what I ordered and billed. I thought, oh well, and I tried this AMAZING product for 3 months. All I can say is "WHAT A SCAM". Doesn't work and don't waste your money and especially your time with these people.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express myself.

    I don't often complain, but only when I feel I have been sincerely taken. I am sure I am not alone.

    Mary Hansen

  • Wi
      15th of Jul, 2010
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    I ordered with the promise of a "free, 30-day trial" only to find that they refused to accept my request to stop charging me after the trial period. They kept charging me and insisted that I had signed up for their program. Even after I told them I saw no difference, wasn't satisfied, and didn't want to continue; more charges came.

    I'm still dealing with this issue and (fortunately) I got a mail receipt for sending their junk products back.

    Might as well rub voodoo oil on your legs!

  • Ka
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    I ordered this "amazing" product back in March, I specifically asked for one month to try out and the venacura employee (Scott) assured me that I could try the one month only supply and if satisfied I could "order" additional quantities as a "reduced price". When I did receive it, I couldn't begin the product from advice from my physician, when he gave me the ok and I received the product I actually received 3 months instead of the 1 month that I ordered (only to pay $9.95 shipping). I decided to try the product, after 2 month and no change, I had to have a surgical leg procedure for "reflux" and was advised by my physician to discontinue venacura. I ended up with complications from surgery and couldn't take the product. I paid the $9.95 shipping but was then billed for $49.99 and when I called venacure customer service I was told that I was suppose to return any bottles I didn't want "as the letter instructed me". I NEVER RECEIVED A LETTER OF ANY SORT, only a bunch of advertising for more Urban Nuitrition products. I also never received discount prices. When I spoke to several representatives, finally Miguel (from Venacura) agreed to refund the difference of $19.95 for the remaining 2 bottles. I agreed (even though the product didn't work for me). He very strongly said I should have returned them in the 30 days. My next billing cycle showed a credit of the $19.95 but another charge of $49.99 for the 3rd bottle along with a $29.99 charge (I have no idea what this is for). I have since contacted Venacura and spoke to Cipeo, Gerard (who was VERY rude) and asked to speak to a manager. Gerard told me he could leave my name for his manager to return my call, but "there was a list of people that I needed to get on". That was 5 days ago and no manager ever called me back. I decided to go back to Miguel, left a message for him and still no reply. I haven't used the 3rd bottle and would like to return it, most likely will be a hard time getting that refunded.
    Any advice from any others for getting this settled or a refund on the 3rd bottle???????

  • Cc
      2nd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is a disgraceful rip-off. Because I have dealt with the public all of my life, I am a customer service representative's dream - polite and patient. Three minutes into my call in which I asked for a refund (well within the 30-day time period) the customer service representative was screaming - screaming - at me.
    Before he blew up, he kept repeating, "Okay, I'll close the account." Nothing is that easy, of course, so I asked him what 'closing the account' entailed. After I repeated the question several times, he said that 'closing the account" meant charging my debit card upwards of $180.00. When I said that I had responded to a radio ad that claimed I would only have to pay the approximate $8.00 shipping fee, he tried to defend the company by raising his voice and saying, "That's just it. You only agreed to pay the shipping!" It was a ridiculous moment, and I felt sorry for the poor fool. He had no idea how to defend these thieves except to start screaming, hoping that I would become loud and unreasonable, too, so he could hang up. I kept calmly encouraging him to calm down, and when he did, he offered me a special "customer coupon" for $50.00 off on the $180.00. (Remember, this began as three-month trial offer for $8.00 shipping.) Nothing was resolved, so I'm just going to close my debit card, report them to the BBB, and let them come gunning for the money they aren't due.

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