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Vena & Associates/American Income Life / recruiter Maycie Boyle wouldn't answer basic questions on the phone

1 12330 Perry Highway suite 100Wexford, PA, United States

I received a call from a Maycie Boyle identifying "she" would like me to come in for an interview with Mr. Vega. She starting talking & talking stating the position I was being considered for was either entry-level management or mid-level management. I've been a retail manager for more than 35 years so why they would even think I would consider entry-level management was beyond me. I had to ask Maycie to give me the company's name 3 times & each time she either said it very quickly or just kept up with her "script". She scheduled me for an interview, I asked her 2 simple questions 1. is the position actually selling life insurance? ( at this point I had given up trying to get the actual company name out of her) She wouldn't answer me. I also asked if the position was commission? and would I be expected to sell insurance prior to being considered for the mid-level management position. NONE of these simple questions were answered at all. She kept avoiding giving me a straight answer saying that I would need to discuss these with Mr. Vena. I let her set me up with an interview, went home and googled Mr Vena. That's when I found out after cross referencing the address & there it was "American Income Life" Vena & Associates recruiters. Shady ones at that. Not only did I find that but I also found dozens after dozens of other complaints about their practices and lies. Needless to say, I cancelled the interview. Do these people not realize that they are either going to be googled or checked out on Linkdin? Especially since they avoid answering so many basic questions. A final word of advice... Check out an potential employer before an interview and if you don't like what you find, cancel the interview, there is no shame in wanting to be employed by a quality company instead of a shady one.

May 5, 2015

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