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1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

On June/28/2009 I signed a contract with Velvetclockwork L.L.C. /Velvet Vision Weddings and I hired them to film my music videoclip with their equipment (two (2) Sony- EX3 CAMERAS)
They responded to my Craigslist Ad and this is the way I found this company.
The meeting took part in their facility which is their place of residence as well.
The people that I had to deal with was Jason Lasater who is the owner of Velvetclockwork L.L.C. and Jacob Swanson who is the person that made the business arrangements.
They initially told me they were going to film by the 13th of July. They were not able to do it so I granted them an extension till July 17th. I was straight up front with them, that if the filming was not going to happen by the 17th of July they would have to refund me the amount of $600. My flight back home was on 30 of July. I had to go back to my country because I had to take care personal matters. They promised in writing and orally to provide many things like choreographers, green screen room, dancers, camera crane (jib) for making the video looking even better. And all that was included in the total payment of $1200. I gave them many chances to take responsibility, I asked them to refund me the money, I arranged a second meeting with them in where my partner E. A. was present and they promised that they will make the video despite it was 19 of July already
Finally when I saw that they’re not willing to film my video I decided to arrange everything by myself. So I booked M. N, Inc. a facility with green screen stage, I booked dancers, choreographers, make-up artist, Director of photography, and a second cameraman. I rented 2 Panasonic cameras, a camera jib, and I arranged everything for 27 of July. On July 24th I offered Jason Lasater and Jacob Swanson one last opportunity to settle the matter by using the $600 I had paid them to just show up in the facility I rented and just film my project, as cameramen. All of the sudden Jason Lasater and Jacob Swanson started making unreasonable demands to be the producers of my music video to keep the publishing rights, for the video that I have paid the whole expenses, for the MUSIC THAT I composed, for the LYRICS THAT I wrote and generally to make money by taking advantage of my performance, which is illegal from any point of view.
They haven't been able to comply with the 3 extensions I granted them for the completion of the project. I called them, left voice mails and emailed them several times, not to mention the very important meeting I had with them. Since I had no response from them one day before I decide to make the project by myself I had to postpone my flight and I had to make arrangements to shoot my video with someone else.

They breached our contract by not providing the promised production services. .

THEY HAVE NO GROUNDS TO COUNTERSUE. They pocketed $600 and walked away. They did not standby the terms of the contract despite the 3 extensions I gave them.

  • Resolution statement

    The company resolved the issue and i would really appreciate it if we can remove the complaint from the website. Would that be possible?

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  • Ve
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    Our company was hired by MANOS KRYSTALIS for a music video. Manos could not afford to do the full budget and so we, including Manos, signed a contract for a green screen studio shoot that was "pending" a studio. As he could not affor full rate for the studio rental, the studio was willing to work with him on a day they didn't have booked. That meant waiting his turn.

    The contract specifically stated pending and he did read and signed the contract. Upon rehearsal he not only didn't have any dancers. He also provided wardrobe where the clothes were only bras and underwear and the bras were to show the nipples of the dancers. We advised Manos Krystalis that our company would not represent that wardrobe. He also requested to open mouth kiss the dancers. At this point I questioned his integrity and again advised for his inappropriate requests. I understand this happens in the world but I did not want our company producing a music video with explicit vulgar actions.

    Manos agreed to us creating the music video and as for giving him a drastic reduction in price.. A MUSIC VIDEO FOR $1200 is unheard of, so we agreed that we would be the creative team and our company would produce. Manos is foreign and I believe has confused the idea of producing the music video with stealing his publishing rights.

    Manos then decided to take us to court where he sent a friend to appear instead of himself. For 2 days mediation was advising his friend that they were wrong and it is, I believe, of public record that anyone can view the outcome of that case. We won due to MANOS KRYSTALIS not showing up and due to our contract clearly stating that the date was pending and that there was no breach in contract.

    MANOS KRYSTALIS currently resides in another country where he can freely get away with slander towards our company and employees but will be under civil arrest if he so comes to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    We offered to settle with MANOS KRYSTALIS at court but he wanted more revenge than justice.

    We are a reputable company that can be checked on or by any of our customers. MANOS KRYSTALIS has attacked our company on several site and committed illegal actions of copying our footage for his own perverted use.

    We are pursuing him legally for STEALING FOOTAGE. He has erased this offline but was a little too late before I got PROPER authorities and attorney's. He can sit at home and legally slander from his home country. When and if Manos wants to pursue legally we will gladly settle the matter in court. Until then, He can by law say anything and everything he wants true or false to slander the name of myself and the company.

  • Al
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    Yes sure, Jacob Swanson can bring a helicopter in your wedding.I am sure that he can also bring Nelly Furtado to give a life performance to your wedding.
    This is pathetic.We had enough with those scams from craigslist.Lately Craigslist announced that they will create a special category with online scams.Well.Here is the thing.I know this guy.He seems the nicest person in the whole world but guess what.He is nothing else but a sleezy scam trying to rip you off.They had unreasonable demands when i called to hire them for one of my projects.That's all i have to say
    Just be carefull dudes.

  • As
      1st of May, 2010
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    I know it is an old issue but i am writing this since i’ve read that there are other disappointed clients as well.
    I  want to say something that happened to me and it also pertains to other makeup artists that are on my page :

    I was supposed to do a wedding on the 8th of Dec, it got postponed to the 29th. The wedding videographers ( Jacob Swanson, Jason Lasater, Robert ) were on vacation at this time as I have been told and they supposed to come back on the 19th.I have not received payment from them until 13th.I brought it to the bank and I was asking people there to check the check to make sure it's real cause i just had a weird feeling for some reason.The manager checked it, put it under the light and saw the watermark.I was told it's a good check and that it will be clear within 2 days.Ok fine.I bought a few things, and guess what happened the Tuesday 18th.I got a call from my bank and i have been told that it's a COUNTERFEIT CHECK AND I THAT I HAVE TO PAY THE BANK BACK, MY ACCOUNTS TURNED UP FROZEN FROM BANK CARD CREDIT CARD SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND I HAD TO PAY THE 2200 BACK WITCH I DIDN’T HAVE ANYMORE.AND IT’S GETTING WORSE.I HAD A -1600 CAUSE I HAD MY OWN MONEY IN THERE TO...

     Don’t even ask about the company Velvet Vision Weddings cause i called them back and GEE the phone was disconnected ...

    The check they sent to me exists but the checks are stolen and the person who’s name is written on the checks doesn't exist EITHER. What a way to ruin my freakin holiday.I’m glad i finished all my xmas shopping before this happened since i had the change to be with my family in NY.

    After speaking with my web designer and dearest friend we both made a decision and came up with the idea to HAVE ONLY PAY PAL FOR RECEIVING MONEY.THIS WAY WE CAN BE SURE ABOUT TRANSACTIONS.ANY REMAINING BALANCE WILL BE PAID ONLY IN; CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK, MONEY ORDER FROM THE BANK OR POST OFFICE AND PAYPAL.  No other payment will be accepted.

    After what happened with them i was screwed and at least i had some couple of dollars in my wallet cause i supposed to put gas in my car cause i didn’t want to push my car instead of driving it.

    I hope to enjoy every next holiday
    I still can not clear my mind from all this crap.

    I hope other people with the professions of makeup artists/photographers etc.. will be more careful than i’ve been and that they will going to change their payment methods after what they’ve read.I don’t want other people to have the same bad luck.Be careful.There are a lot of morans like Jacob Swanson, Jason Lasater and Robert out there.

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