Vell's Party CenterCustomer Service, possible drug problem?

I attended a wedding on 2/20/16. During the reception, I watched a bartender look like he was falling asleep standing (more than once) behind the bar including eyes rolling in the back of the head and almost falling over quite a few times. He looked as though he was "nodding off" possibly from taking pain killers, or heroin is my guess. I received a drink from him earlier in the evening and his general demeanor, (no better way to put it) but seemed dead inside - no personality, just functioning. Like a functioning drug addict. So anyway, myself and a few guests at the table started watching him and it was really freaky. So, I approached the manager on site (middle aged starting to bald guy, a little bigger) sounds like he was one of the sons of the owners or something and told him exactly my concerns. I was very polite and basically gave him the same description / concern as I aforementioned. His response was not what I expected and made me so uncomfortable I left the venue. He said "oh that guy" and pointed to the guy at the bar... I said "yes" he said "oh he's fine, I've known him all my life. He's fine." I didn't know how to reply (wish I would've asked what his disorder was) so I said... "OK thanks" and the manager said "Thanks for letting me know!" but he seemed very uncomfortable and a little defensive. My friend who watched the ordeal said his body language looked really defensive. So anyway, something didn't sit right with me. The bartender was clearly not fine, and the manager as I thought about it days later seemed like he was covering something up. The more I looked around the more I noticed some staff looking strung out or like they had been on (maybe not currently but maybe on their own time) on drugs. Also - why would the manager react this way? Any other manager with this type of complaint would have or should have reacted by apologizing and stating that they would take care of it, or keep their eye on the situation, or something. It was all too fishy. Maybe this guy is the supplier of the staff's drugs or something. Anyway, I called today 2/22 to talk with someone who owns the place and let them know about my experience and simple concern. It was an older sounding foreign woman who answered. I asked her for the manager's name (she didn't provide it but it sounds like it's a Vell family member) from the wedding. She asked right away "Why is something wrong? Did he do something wrong?" which was odd so maybe I'm not the first person who has called. I told her, again about the same experience and mentioned my concern that maybe the bartender was on pain killers or heroin, some sort of drug. Her response was exactly the same "I've known him all my life, I've known him since he was a little boy he is tired from working on computers as his other job. My daughter does the same thing." So, I feel bad but it sounds like the older woman is turning a blind eye to what might be a MAJOR PROBLEM at this venue with drugs. I don't know anyone who falls asleep at a loud wedding standing and serving guests drinks. The guy was most definitely not drunk, but unless he has a health disorder (or maybe can complete a negative drug test) he had to of been on drugs. Please take this seriously. I was very disturbed at what I saw and the whole situation made me very uncomfortable. I've also been around people on these types of drugs so it was obvious something was off. And an ER nurse at our table also confirmed that he was on drugs, but wasn't sure which as she needed to get a closer look at his eyes.

Feb 22, 2016

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