Vehicle Seller Network / Scam trying to sell my truck.

1 Unknown, Unknown, United States
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Some guy named Charles somehow got my 16 year old son's phone number (not sure if he's a pedophile) and tried his best to get our address, and meet with my son to discuss selling our truck. He promised my son well over resale value for the 2011 F150 Ford truck. When my wife called the phone number Charles provided to discuss the sale and he became very defensive saying she was wasting his time and hung up. He asked several times for a credit card number. When she refused he hung up. I called him to discuss the sale and he began yelling and hung up. I'm not sure what kind of scam Vehicle Seller is trying to pull, but they have no physical address on the website, no personnel listed, no President, Manager, etc. only an 1-866 number. I would not recommend using Vehicle Seller Network!

Jan 05, 2016

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